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Who wants her dead…

Special Agent Austin Beck, out of the San Diego, California NCIS Office is sent to speak to an events coordinator who witnessed the murder of her sister who was a Blue Angels pilot. Her sister was just assigned to the all-male team and was scheduled to fly with them the next day. Austin is shocked to find out the witness is Jena Webb. The last time he saw her, he was a marine guard for the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait where there was a hostile takeover. Only she’d been married and he’d been engaged. They had spent three harrowing days together and he’d almost lost his life protecting her. Now she’s the target of a killer and Austin is assigned to protect her once again. He struggles to remain neutral, at least as long as the case is active—professionally, he’s duty bound to her safety and had to be his number one priority, but privately he wonders if what they felt was heightened by the very real threat of death, nothing but a consequence of their harrowing experience.

Jenna Webb never thought she’d see Austin again. During those three days they were together, there was a strong attraction that she fought. Once she got home with her diplomat husband who is ten years her senior, their relationship wasn’t the same. She felt guilty over the fact that she couldn’t forget Austin and ached for what could have been if only they’d been free. Now after meeting him again, Jenna fears exploring their attraction, unwilling to confess her feelings and risking that, not only didn’t he feel the same way, but that what she experienced was more about the traumatic events than it was about a genuine and promising connection.

May 6
Blue Moon Creative
Blue Moon Creative LLC

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