Question Yourself: 365 Questions to Explore Your Inner Self & Reveal Your True Nature

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What Are Your Solutions to Life's Questions?

This is not your typical book.

Here, you will find 365 questions designed to open up your mind to think about yourself and your place in the world in new ways. With these questions, you may come to powerful realizations that will help you to improve yourself, the people around you, and maybe even the world.

Most self-development books present you with solutions to common problems. This can be helpful, but what if those solutions work for most people, but not you? Perhaps what you need is a book of questions to help stimulate you to find useful solutions for your unique situation. Maybe you always had the solutions deep down somewhere inside of you, and you just needed the right questions to help guide you to them.

When you do the work of pursuing your answers to these Questions, you will be rewarded with a breakthrough in understanding your life, your place in the world, and the path that you were destined for. Understand that there is no single right answer, no one perspective that is right, there is only your personal truth that you must reveal to yourself.

In Question Yourself, the authors give you the credit that with your knowledge, background and experiences, and with the right questions, you will be able to discover solutions to your life's troubles. Look inside, deeper and deeper into yourself, and you may be surprised at the power and abilities you always possessed. You may even discover new parts of yourself you never knew existed.

Authors Dave Edelstein (A.B., Philosophy from Harvard University) and I. C. Robledo (M.S., Industrial-Organizational Psychology from University of Oklahoma) combine their expertise in philosophy, psychology, and self-development to provide you with questions which were designed to help you help yourself. The authors believe there is enormous potential in seeking the answers within, rather than always seeking them from sources outside of yourself.

Here is a small sample of the Questions you will find inside:

- Question #9: Are you afraid of being alone with yourself? Or do you enjoy it?

- Question #57: What is love? How do you show it?

- Question #112: What is the one thing you know for sure?

- Question #182: Are the small moments in life worth more than we give them credit for?

- Question #263: What amount of money would it take for you to consider forsaking your deeply held values?

- Question #295: Are you in the process of fulfilling your dreams, or is there an obstacle in your path?

- Question #359: Have you ever felt personally touched by a spirit or higher power?

Are you ready to find meaningful solutions to your life's greatest troubles with Question Yourself?

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17 March
I. C. Robledo
Draft2Digital, LLC

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