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Katherine Stone writes from her heart to yours . . .

New York Times bestselling author Katherine Stone's "high quality romance ranks right up there with Nora Roberts." — Booklist

“Two gifted sisters mingle with the rich and the royal in this volatile . . . mix of romance and international intrigue. The finale is a veritable torrent of cataclysms and revelations.” — Publishers Weekly on Rainbows

“Intricately plotted contemporary romance. Tender reconciliation. Fairytale elements mix with those of present-day romance for . . . thoroughly enjoyable results.” — Kirkus Reviews on Rainbows

“Sweeping drama . . . Her most emotionally charged and intricate story of love yet.” — Romantic Times on Imagine Love

Alexandra and Catherine Taylor are sisters—and strangers. Each longs for the closeness they have never had, never knowing how to reach out to the other and discovering, when at last they decide to try, that it is almost too late . . . for shocking secrets, inner demons, and tragic loves stand in their way.

As the star of Pennsylvania Avenue, TV’s hottest primetime drama, Alexa has it all, beauty, fame, and fortune. Her off-screen life is even more dramatic. She's in love with a powerful man who cannot promise her more than their secret nights of pleasure. Alexa accepts this compromise without question, not knowing that her clandestine passion will drive a deeper wedge between herself and Catherine.

Gifted concert pianist Catherine has always let her music shield her from the world. But even her magnificent gift, and her beloved music, cannot shield her from the devastating truth of who she is, and who she is not. Catherine hides the terrible secret, even as she searches for answers. Her courageous journey will take her to a glittering Mediterranean isle . . . and into the arms of a man who will make her whole.

Desire and heartbreak, passion and love. Alexa and Catherine must travel those perilous journeys of the heart before they can be the sisters they want to be and find the happiness that awaits them both at the end of their rainbows.

Katherine Stone is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-two novels, including Twins, Imagine Love, Happy Endings, Thief of Hearts, and Sleigh Bells Ring. Her books are sold worldwide and have been translated into twenty languages. A physician who now writes full time, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, physician-novelist Jack Chase (Mortality Rate, Fatal Analysis, The Magruder Transplant). 


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15 March
Katherine Stone
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