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The very first question for most of us when we discover that we are going to have twins is "How am I going to cope"?.Parents and other care-givers need help and advice on how to tackle this new role as the thought of it can be a little overwhelming. However, once we take the decision to enjoy the journey everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.Make it fun.
The intention of this book "Raising Twins-Stress Free" is to guide care-givers so that they can prevent some mistakes. Life should be lived by just taking one day at a time.•Tips and advice are given in this book with regards to carrying out every-day activities like for example feeding the babies. Scheduling and organising become two of the most important things when caring for twins,if we want to sustain happiness.
However, the most significant recommendation is to take a metaphysical approach in raising them.This means moving beyond the physical to the inner-self. Care-givers are encouraged to teach their twins to be self-reliant, by depending on the God-Presence guidance system within them. As unique unrepeatable children of God they are being led on their own Divine path and everything is always working together for good.Listening to the ever-refreshing "still small voice" within for their instructions is also emphasised in this book.
It has been proven time and time again that discipline and positive values are very crucial to being successful in this existence. The importance of combining these with other elements of building good character and a never-ending relation with God are all expounded in this book.

Raising your twins should never be a job or a chore. It is an assignment from The Almighty with huge responsibility to help them find their Divine assignment and to guide them to be the best that they can be. The intention of Spirit is for all of us to live healthy happy and prosperous lives.

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 June
Shirley McLean
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