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Brothers Of Chaos Book Six-Raven


I'm a Brother of Chaos brother but I do the IT work and as such, I'm usually behind the scenes but this time, I'm out front. When me and two brothers are sent out to meet and bring in some family members under our protection… things go bad from the very beginning.

First, a misunderstanding with the shootout, all before introductions are made. Tempers are high but tension is even higher before we get back on the road. I walk away with sore balls and a bruised ego.

The road back home is even more treacherous as we're followed but this woman, who gave me the sore balls, isn't one who needs much protection. It's more the world needs protection from her.

She's loud, proud and sexy as hell and I'll be damned if anyone is going to hurt a hair on her head. I'll kill for her and I'll die for her but I'm hoping to live a very long life with her at my side.


I was born late in my father's life and I had two big brothers. Both of which were way older than me, but I only ever knew one of them.

My daddy and my brother taught me how to work on cars, how to swear and how to shoot. I took no shit from no man and I liked it that way. If a guy didn't like that, it was no skin off my nose.

When shit hit the fan in San Antonio, my brother begged me to take his daughter to safety and I did. Along the way, we picked up some bikers that thought they could tell me what to do. Boy, were they wrong but I would keep Glory safe, so I followed them back to New Mexico.

One of them thought he was man enough to take me on, well he certainly was packing the right stuff but whether he was man enough, we'd have to see about that.

But the trouble that sent us on the road follows us to New Mexico and that kind of trouble has to be put down, and put down hard.

Crime & Thrillers
10 June
Kj Dahlen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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