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Many methods for teaching people to read exist today. Reading mastery on the whole is made of many segments summed together. Reading programs have taken a fraction out of order, attempting to teach an end segment at the beginning. Some segments are left out entirely. This will frustrate a new reader. Sounding out letters is a great beginning and should not be omitted. But there is also a vital fraction of reading wholeness that should immediately follow sounding out, which shows the resemblance of rhyming and patterns in the smallest portions of words. These two, sounding out and identifying patterns, are most important to the mastery of reading. Sounding out makes accomplished goals stick in the mind. Showing small patterns in repetition through fun enhances faster learning.
The title for this book, Reading Mastery Prescription, came about while I was pondering the book's utility for those who would teach reading. I visualized the analogy of someone who is illiterate meeting with a reading teacher just as a sick person must go to the doctor, seeking a cure for an illness. The doctor will write a prescription and discuss other things that can be done to assist with optimum health. The medication must be taken in the exact dose and method as prescribed, over a period of time, until the illness is conquered. The reading teacher and aspiring teachers can prescribe these easy lessons and use this straightforward method of reading instruction to cure a person's illiteracy. The lessons should be followed exactly, without skipping a dose, and in the order set out until illiteracy is conquered. Whether the student is young, middle-aged, or elderly, if the teacher prescribes this reading method and the student applies it, reading will produce its own joys and great satisfaction.

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25 March
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