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"Matt has always offered great insight when it comes to artist development. We've had many long conversations about what the right move is for many of my acts."

- Nick Storch, The Agency Group

Matt understands it all. My work experiences with him have shown me that he has intricate knowledge of how every aspect of music business works and is intertwined together. With that knowledge and creative thinking he has made every event with my artists a great one that has allowed the event to maximize both the artist experience and more importantly the fan experience.

- Dalton Sim, Nettwerk Management

If you create music, or work with artists who do, theres a way to expose your talent and give yourself a chance. In this common sense guide, industry veteran Matthew Walt explains how anyone with a voice and passion can break into the business.

The music industry is bursting with opportunities for talent. This is due, in part, to new technologies to cultivate and expose your craft. As a result, an independent movement is burgeoning, and the number of artists making a living in the business has grown. Whats more, alongside the artists, their agents and managers, and those that fill traditional roles, there are bloggers, computer programmers, andbest of allfans who are driving the industrys future. This shifts power from the privileged to the masses. Realistically, this shift favors the creative and independentbut business savvymusician.

Drawing on his experiences from the trenches, Matthew presents the nuts and bolts of breaking into the industry, from understanding the business realistically and building your business with practical considerations to presenting yourself and finding your it factor.

In a straightforward yet very passionate way, Matthew takes you from dreaming big to taking chances until your moment finally arrives. Your reality check is between these covers.

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3 February