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Whether you’re a fantastic cook wanting to share your recipes, or you want to pass down Grandma’s secret recipes through your family, or you’re a chef writing a cookbook, or your church, school, group, or organization wants to produce a fundraising cookbook, this book has all the ingredients you need to write, publish, promote, and sell your cookbook. The recipes for success take you through the process from beginning to end—from appetizers through desserts.

Recipe for a Cookbook is filled with extra helpings of information, ideas, and inspiration. It’s a guide that serves up a feast of know-how and generous portions of how-to for preparing, writing, and serving a delicious cookbook. Inside this book, you’ll find everything you need to know:

How to develop your cookbook’s taste and personality;
How to collect, test, sort, and write your recipes;
What to include and serve on the side in your cookbook;
Decide whether to self-publish or pursue publication;
How to format, typeset, and illustrate your cookbook;
How to make your cookbook stand out from the crowd;
101 ways to find and sell to profitable markets;
How to promote your cookbook to all the right people in all the right places;
Contests to enter your cookbook in to win awards;
Catalogs and websites to showcase your cookbook; and
Comprehensive resource guides for cookbook printers, distributors, book reviewers, and much more.

This book offers you all the ingredients for writing and serving your cookbook with style and flair. Starting from scratch, you’re guided through creating all parts of your cookbook—through choosing a theme and selecting a story line, to writing, editing, and testing your recipes, formatting and typesetting your cookbook, and publishing.

Then you’re shown how to promote and sell your cookbook, including getting book reviews, interesting the media in free publicity, finding a distributor to get your cookbook into bookstores and libraries, creating a foodie blog, and showcasing and selling your cookbook all over the web.

Recipe for a Cookbook offers you all this and much, much more.

20 October
Cookbook Corner
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