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After a scorching hot kiss and an awkward meet-second, Anna and John discover they’ve got a second chance on set.

Anna Kovác’s career as a movie director is over if she can’t jumpstart a failing production in Rome: a B-movie that’s over budget and behind schedule. She’s thirty-seven years old, her best picture is ten years behind her, and her ex-husband, a powerful Hollywood agent, is still meddling in her career.

John Mills can’t get an agent to listen to his screenplay pitch, because they’re too busy casting him as Shirtless Werewolf Number Three. His part-time jobs are barely enough to pay his rent, and he’s done being thought of as nothing but a pretty face, by the industry and his dates.

On location in Rome complications abound on-set, but with each disaster that Anna and John overcome together, their burgeoning friendship develops into a not-to-be-denied attraction. Anna’s insecurities about being with John resurface when the press ridicules her for having an on-set fling with a younger man, showing John first-hand the harassment she has to deal with in her job. And John didn't realize exactly what kind of a devil he made a deal with when he took this job from a powerful agent, none other than Anna’s ex-husband out for revenge.

The two must find a way to navigate the rocky terrain of dating a coworker in an already tumultuous industry or lose their careers and their chance at a happily ever after.

Cover Design and Illustration by Leni Kauffman

Content Warning: discussion of workplace harassment, discussions of alcoholism and recovery, the heroine has revealing photos leaked, smutty talk, on-page sex scene, happy ending

20 March
McKinley Press, LLC
McKinley Press, LLC

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