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Reflections is a treasure-trove of insights gained over many years by Andre Auw, Ph.D. Living in Waikiki, this gifted and kind psychologist and counselor at 93 years old remains ever curious. He continues to learn and grow by “listening with the heart.” In this collection of his reflections, we see that he has a gift of words that are clear, penetrating, and often poetic. They reveal not only his inner thoughts and musings, but they also help us to come to know ourselves more deeply in the inner lining of our hearts.

Through the years Andre has sustained the practice of spiritual reading, or the reading of biographies or stories of interest followed by meditation. He often finds that when the reading is especially inspiring that he closes his eyes and reflects on what he has just read. In this way he attempts to apply those lessons to his own life.

It has been through this practice that he has learned the value of “reflection”. As time has gone by, he has come to realize even more the value of reflection. Now in his 90’s, this time out for reflection is something that he continues on a daily basis. He has said, “Reading can inform and entertain and inspire, but only reflection on the material transforms the mind and the heart.” He hopes that sharing this collection of his reflections will serve as a guide to support and encourage you on your own life's journey.

In Andre’s own words, “Reflections are a gathering of insights, mostly stolen from others, as well as a few of my own that served as inspirations and information for me. I felt they needed to be shared. Some are like old friends to be contacted again and again. A few are dramatic or poignant. But all have been important in my own life experience. I hope others may find them to be of value.” May we all benefit from the value of reflection to transform our life and bring us an appreciation for life’s lessons through an expansion of our consciousness.

Over Dr. Auw’s long career, he conducted seminars and workshops in Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. He consulted with business, governmental and educational organizations. With Carl Rogers, he Co-Founded the Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California. Dr. Auw’s previous printed books are: GENTLE ROADS TO SURVIVAL: Making Self-Healing Choices in Difficult Circumstances; and The GIFT OF WOUNDING: Finding Hope and Heart in Challenging Circumstances.

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1 February
Andre Auw, Ph.D.
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