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The book includes:

A chart of the different reflexology points in our hands

A chart of the different reflexology points in our feet

Explicit, easy to understand and follow directions for performing Reflexology techniques yourself

Information about the benefits of Reflexology, and when it should not be used

Guidance regarding treating children with Reflexology

Photographs that demonstrate some of the reflexology techniques

Whereas years of training and a license are required to perform conventional medicine, anybody who can imitate movements or read text can learn about and engage in Reflexology. Early forms of this treatment method were practiced in ancient Rome and Egypt, and the modern version is now commonly accepted as a valid and effective form of treatment worldwide. 

While Reflexology is a method that treats the entire body, inside and out, this book will focus on the two  organs that we all use very often, and which often get tired and achy – your hands and feet. Relaxing the hands and feet of a patient is important before moving on to treat any other conditions, and relaxation itself is in fact a healing state. The technique instructions included in the book are written as though you will be performing them on someone else, so be sure to let a friend read this book as well so you can also be a recipient of this wonderful therapy. If you enjoy the results of your first Reflexology session, feel free to practice the techniques on friends and relatives, to learn more about Reflexology, and maybe even become a professional practitioner.

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March 2
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