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You may really wonder why Reiki is such an in demand topic for many people. All over the world, it is being practiced for healing purposes. There are some concepts that surround it which you are required to understand most especially if you do manifest an interest in the methodology used in the practice of Reiki.

Moreover, the latter is the conventional Japanese type of hands-on healing. Through time, the traditional sense of Reiki has been quite forgotten with the many variations that have already evolved. The system that is known to this contemporary world is no longer in its original state.

Taking up a Reiki instruction will open your eyes to its many varieties. There are numerous branches that exist nowadays as well as different modes of instructions used. Those who practice Reiki therapy go through a system of instruction as divided into levels and they earn their degree and certification too.

The Reiki practitioner can come from any part of the world, study at different institutions or Reiki clubs, and be under different Masters too. Generally, the very first form of Reiki was divided into three degrees or levels with an addition, that is the Master Level or Master Degree. After the completion of the latter, a practitioner qualifies to train others.

A learner has the option to choose which Reiki instruction he feels to study. The Masters are everywhere and one has to simply get in touch with them.

"Reiki - Harmonize Your Body, Mind & Spirit" will enlighten you in the healing principles of Reike. You will discover what Reike is all about and the benefits you can derive from it for the well being of your body, mind & spirit.

Table Of Content:

1. What Is Reiki?

2. The Magic Of Reike

3. The History of Reiki & It's Many Benefits

4. Reiki Therapy

5. What You Need To Know

6. Alternative Healing Process

7. Stress Management With Reiki

8. The Purpose Of Reike

9. The Leading Facts

10. Reiki psychic attunement?

11. A Powerful Tool

12. The Reiki Levels

13. The Reike Hand Positions

14. Reike For Stress Reduction

15. Reike Symbols

16. Holistic Medicine

17. Is Reike A Religion?

18. What Is A Reike Master?

19. How To Choose A Reike Master

20. Alternative Healing Process

21. Ways To Sooth Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Body, Mind & Spirit
10 November
Manuel Braschi
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