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The development of Reliability and Maintenance theory and applications has become major concerns of engineers and managers engaged in order to design and product systems that are highly reliable. This book aims to cover the ongoing research topics in computer system, reliability analysis, reliability applications and maintenance policies, so as to provide awareness for those who engage systems design, being students, technicians, or research engineers, as a reference guidebook.
Contents: Computer System:An Overview of Practical Software Reliability Prediction (Kazuhira Okumoto)NHPP-based Software Reliability Assessment using Wavelets (Xiao Xiao and Tadashi Dohi)Dependability Analysis Tool Considering the Optimal Data Partitioning in a Mobile Cloud (Yoshinobu Tamura and Shigeru Yamada)Interval Estimation of Software Reliability and Shipping Time (Shinji Inouve and Shigeru Yamada)Confidence Intervals in Optimal Checkpoint Placement (Shunsuke Tokumoto, Tadashi Dohi, Hiroyuki Okamura and Won Young Yun)Reliability Analysis:Importance Measures for a Binary State System (Fumio Ohi)Calculation Method for Reliability of Toroidal System (Taishin Nakamura, Hisashi Yamamoto, Takashi Shinzato, Xiao Xiao and Tomoaki Akiba)Reliability Properties of n-Component Systems with Interdependent Failures (Mitsuhiro Kimura, Shuhei Ota and Shogo Abe)Common-cause Failure Analysis in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (Tetsushi Yuge and Shigeru Yanagi)Comparison Between Parallel and Standby Redundant Systems (Won Young Yun and Toshio Nakagawa)Reliability Applications:System Reliability of an Intermittent Production System (Ping-Chen Chang, Cheng-Fu Huang, Yi-Kuei Lin and Po-Shiang Shih)Cumulative Backup Policies for Database Systems (Xufeng Zhao, Syouji Nakamura, Cunhua Qian and Shey-Huei Sheu)Reliability Analysis of Distributed Communication Processing for a Cloud System (Mitsutaka Kimura)Reliability Consideration of a System in Cloud Computing Environment (Mitsuhiro Imaizui)Maintenance Policies:Two-Dimensional Maintenance with Repair Time Threshold and Generalized Age Replacement (Minjae Park, Ki Mun Jung and Dong Ho Park)General Inspection Models (Mingchih Chen, Xufeng Zhao and Toshio Nakagawa)A Summary of Replacement Policies for Continuous Damage Models (Kodo Ito, Syouji Nakamura and Nakagawa Toshio)Extended Policies of Replacement First, Last, Overtime (Satoshi Mizutani and Toshio Nakagawa)Optimal Checkpoint Times for Redundant Nodes and Errors (Kenichiro Naruse and Sayori Maeji)
Readership: Graduate students, researchers and professionals in the field of reliability modeling.
Reliability;Maintenance;Stochastic ModellingKey Features:The readers will learn new topics and techniques, and how to apply reliability and maintenance models to actual onesThe book will serve as an essential duide to a subject of study for graduate students and researchers and as a useful guide for reliability engineers engaged not only in maintenance work but also in management and computer works

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7 June
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