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An effective treatment to help those with addictions

Victims of drug addiction, chronic illness, and mental illness all too often are overwhelmed with the affliction called hopelessness. Oxford Houses succeed because their substance abuse treatment approach instills the most powerful medicine—hope for recovery. Rescued Lives: The Oxford House Approach to Substance Abuse provides a comprehensive thought-provoking look at just how the innovative Oxford House model inspires positive action on one of our country’s most serious problems—substance abuse. This powerful book presents the success stories of the people living in these community homes and explains just how it has worked for them.

Rescued Lives: The Oxford House Approach to Substance Abuse gives an insightful review of Oxford House’s history and the development of the approach. Residents’ stories reveal the treatment process on the road to recovery, allowing readers to glimpse the path each individual must travel to gain entrance and assimilate into the House community. As the residents gain more control over themselves living substance free, the reader discovers the importance of relationships and reframing of self in the recovery process. This powerful book can provide hope to those individuals who feel they have lost themselves in alcohol, drugs, and mental illness. Foreword by substance abuse scholar Bill White.

Topics in Rescued Lives: The Oxford House Approach to Substance Abuse include:

• an overview of substance abuse in today’s society

• a history of Oxford House to the present

• substance abuse treatment approaches

• the process of a resident’s entrance and assimilation

• providing hope and living substance free

• the nationwide expansion of Oxford Houses

• recovery, and what it means to women, children, and families

• criminal offenders in Oxford House

• how the Oxford House model is constructed in order to help disenfranchised individuals from society

• the nine Oxford House Traditions

• a review of the strong evidence that Oxford House works

—and why

• and more!

Rescued Lives: The Oxford House Approach to Substance Abuse is enlightening reading for educators and students of psychology, sociology, urban studies, education, and other courses designed to prepare students for careers in the helping professions. This book is also essential for practicing clinicians, anyone concerned with society’s problems and those impacted by substance abuse and mental illness.

Body, Mind & Spirit
11 June
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