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A Book of Poetry, Art and Photography by Celtic Street Rapper Jonny O’Gorman

About the Book
A collection of poetry, songs, illustrations and digitally remastered photography spanning 15 years from October 2004 - March 2019. Follow this artistic crusade which began during the middle of the last great credit-driven bubble as the poet unmasks the cloak and daggers world of global financial deception and faces his own struggles for survival and personal redemption. Truth and humour intermingle with an observant eye and one final strike for freedom.

“...Beggars, tramps, a homeless crisis
Bankers, lawyers, they got vices
Lunch hour rush, time for giving
Striptease girl got to make a living...”

500 copies of the original 40-page manuscript were printed and sold direct to the public at the Willie Clancy Festival and beyond between the years 2012 - 2016. Although most of the material is now more than ten years old it remains universally relevant. This extended 95-page edition contains more poetry, art and illustrations from the post-austerity epoch to the present day.

About the Author
Slam-poet Jonny O'Gorman, a native of County Limerick and County Clare, grew up in the West of Ireland and later moved to Dublin to study and go on to work around Europe. Inspired by the life of Che Guevare and the poets of the Cuban and
Irish Revolutions he sees poetry as a necessary weapon with which to question, comment on, and struggle against the shackles of capitalist totalitarianism and monetary asphyxiation. His poetry is considered well-written and entertaining and he has performed regularly at Open Mic venues throughout Ireland, the UK and anywhere he can find with a microphone and audience...

Following the predicted crash and subsequent years of austerity he relocated himself and his young family back to his native County Clare where he now lives, works and grows food with a community.

Special Thanks to my children, Sol and India, who give me a reason to live and express my dreams for a better future and extra special thanks to Nichola for being such an inspiration to complete this work and move on...

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23 November
Jonny O'Gorman
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