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What happens in Vegas follows me home…and it’s my best friend’s little sister.


I’m the good-time guy, so when my best friend asked me to be in charge of his bachelor party, you’d better believe we’re heading to Vegas. After our wild night, I wake up in a strange hotel room, wearing a gold band on my finger. Worse, there’s a bridal veil on the nightstand.

Then I relax. Ha-ha. Very funny, guys. I’m the king of pranks, and my friends are getting me back.

But then my bride appears, and the real nightmare begins. It’s Riley, my best friend’s little sister, looking all grown up and—gulp—married. To me. My best friend forbade me even looking at her on account of my rep for one-nighters.

This has to end right away.

Only somehow I get more and more tangled up in her life, trying to do damage control, and a funny thing happens on the way to ending this marriage—

I’m having second thoughts.

This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happily-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

The Rourkes Series

Royal Catch (Book 1)

Royal Hottie (Book 2)

Royal Darling (Book 3)

Royal Charmer (Book 4)

Royal Player (Book 5)

Royal Shark (Book 6)

Rogue Prince (Book 7)

Rogue Gentleman (Book 8)

Rogue Rascal (Book 9)

Rogue Angel (Book 10)

Rogue Devil (Book 11)

Rogue Beast (Book 12)

17 March
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Customer Reviews

MLCreads ,

Jack and Riley

I love the Rourke family. Jack is the joker in this branch of the family and no one ever expected him to fall in love, especially his best friend Sam who had told him to stay away from his little sister Riley. However you can't help who you fall in love with and when Jack and Riley attend the bachelor & bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, Riley and Jack find they have a strong attraction. Riley pulls off the best prank and when Jack realises he plots revenge - to have to read it to believe it. These two are great together. I look forward to more of this series.

Maree's reviews ,


I was absolutely thrilled to read book nine, The Rourkes. Written by the amazing, Kylie Gilmore. Such an exciting amazing romance novel. Jake has broken the cardinal rule of friendship by hooking up this his best mates baby sister, Riley!

Jack, he is one of the sweetest guys around and has been asked by his best friend to organise his Bachelor Party in Las Vegas. After Jack’s wild night he wakes up realising he is married!

* Is this some sort of practical joke?

* Why and how has Riley Walsh turned up here!!!

* How is Jack going to get out of this
mess, or does he even want to

* How is Jack going to get out of this mess, or does he even want too?

Such a wonderful romantic tale. I completely adore both these beautiful characters. Such a splendid, awesome book to love and completely enjoy.

Congratulations Kylie Gilmore!!

* I recommend this book to everyone!!

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