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The Leone family has ruled the remote and picturesque nation of Altaleone since the days of Charlemagne. When the elderly queen and her son are found dead in mysterious circumstances, the royal family is thrown into crisis.

In The King's Bought Bride, royal heir Darias Leone needs a wife to claim his crown. He doesn’t want to get stuck with the kind of snooty princess his family has in mind, so he makes a business arrangement with the pretty assistant at his New York art gallery. Emma Ricci thinks the idea is crazy, but the money Darias is offering will allow her to put her brother through drug rehab. Surely she can survive one year as a fake royal wife to save what’s left of her family? 

In A Prince for Christmas, lifestyle blogger Serena Raines is known for her advice on how to live your best life—not ready to face her family’s questions after a breakup, she finds herself alone for Christmas and goes into hiding at a luxurious beach house. European royal Sandro Leone refuses to let his friends spend Christmas alone, so he rents a house for them to share—and finds a strange and lovely woman already there. 

In The Prince's Secret Baby, Serena Raines is on the eve of releasing her book about Waiting for Mr Right and can’t bear to tell people that her fiancé has dumped her. Worse yet, she succumbed to a holiday fling and now she’s pregnant—by a virtual stranger. Sandro Leone is stunned to hear that Serena is pregnant and agrees to keep her secrets until her big-budget book tour is over. Serena rejects Sandro’s bold advances, but when it’s time to reveal the truth to her readers, she accepts Sandro’s offer to hide out in his remote European homeland. She soon discovers she’s jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

In The Princess's Scandalous Affair, Beatriz Leone discovers that it's not easy being a princess…when you risk your heart, the whole world watching. Beatriz has good reason to be suspicious of men—do they want her for the title or for the money? When gorgeous and charming aristocrat Lorenzo Aldobrando turns his attentions on her, she can’t help but wonder what he’s up to.Their initial flirtation raises eyebrows. Beatriz is wary but soon finds herself confiding her hopes and dreams to the dashing family enemy—can the most outrageous dreams really come true?

In The Princess and the Player, Carolina Leone has devoted her life to being the perfect royal wife and mother. When her husband is killed she plans to spend her days quietly in the background—until an old flame is rekindled and forces her to question all her values and beliefs. Former street musician Amadou Khadem may be an international star now, but he’s never forgotten—or forgiven—the cool beauty who broke his heart when she left him to become a royal bride.

In Taming the Royal Beast, Rigo Leone might be a prince by birth but he's gained a fearsome reputation as a lawyer whose opponents prefer to settle rather than face his wrath in court. He's back in Altaleone to solve the royal murders, and people aren't sure if his bark or his bite is worse.

When animal-loving Bella is hired at the palace, unexpected passion flares between them. When lives - and love - are at stake, can Bella tame her royal beast?

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18 April

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