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"It's sexy. It's dirty. And it is thought provoking." ~Love N. Books

"Angel is known for her HOT, kindle melting, intense romances and this was no different." ~Sassy Little Book Nerd

"The most emotional book of the series!" ~Sunshine Reads


When the lines are erased, the passion begins.

Lines define Tracy Rhodes’s life, and she has no say in the matter once she is sworn in as second-in-command of the free world. But the lines are crushed beneath the boots of her security team’s special advisor during a high-profile event in Vegas. The towering warrior with the haunting stare shatters her composure, invades her libido, and makes her yearn for things she shouldn’t. Sweaty, illicit things…with her body pinned beneath his…

John Franzen, six and a half feet of rigid composure on the outside, is a lost man on the inside. What’s he doing here? A guy isn’t supposed to survive eleven years in Special Forces, especially after the crazy missions he’s been assigned. Accepting the security gig in Vegas is just a favor to a friend—a way to fill time that’s become too damn empty lately. Until the cushy “babysitting job” becomes the most treacherous mission of his life, and the politician he’s protecting becomes the woman in his bed. The lover beneath his bonds. The submissive he longs to claim forever.

She’s destined for marble halls and an oval office, and he’s wired for jungles, dirt, and violence. Will her passion be enough to tame his demons? To claim the ultimate warrior as her own?

Fiction & Literature
11 December
Waterhouse Press
Meredith Wild LLC

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


I have been waiting for John Franzen’s story since this series began and Ruled was so worth the wait. From the first to the last chapter I was captivated by his story and found myself reading well into the night; so much so that I went to work exhausted.
This is only the second author where I have read about a Dom/Submissive relationship based in the political arena and I was interested to see how this story would work.
Have you ever wanted to read a book so badly but dreaded diving in because you knew after it was finished that that would be it? That is the position I found myself in with Ruled. This has been one of my top series of all time from Angel Payne and she certainly has ended this series with one heck of a book.
Ms. Payne has assembled a cast of characters that will stay with you for a long time. I knew going in that it would take a powerfully strong, independent and yet vulnerable woman to capture and keep John’s attention. After all he was the commanding office of the WILD boys and he has always led by example. Frustrated and with plenty of time on his hands, he agrees to a favour for a friend, little knowing that it will change his life completely. Tracy Rhodes’s is just the woman, Vice President of the Unites States, a mother to a teenage son. she is a woman of power and yet underneath it all she is a woman who longs to submit. The attraction between Tracy and her bodyguard John is off the charts, not to mention forbidden and dangerous for them both.
When danger rears it’s ugly head with John be able to save the woman he has come to care for so deeply or with the unthinkable occur?
I believe Angel Payne has truly saved the best for last and Ruled has jumped into my number 1 in this series and that is saying something. I have loved each and every story she has written. I adore the romantic suspense genre, throw in BDSM and I am in heaven.
Congratulations Ms.Payne you have a winner on your hands. Reviewed on behalf of MI Bookshelf

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