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WARNING: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contain wording and actions some may find offensive. Sexual explicit content. (MFMM)
In Book One, Jessa Meadows is an average girl, living the average life...of a wolf shifter. Following traditions is expected, and something she can't bring herself to do. Her first heat slams her into a hormonal, irrational PMS hell that she fights with all of her might. She refuses to give her virginity to the first mutt that comes along, however wrong or unheard of it is in the shifter society. Jessa wants her first time to be special with the man she is fated to spend the rest of her life with. The idea of falling on her back for the first horn dog that comes along makes her stomach turn.

The wolves come in herds, giving every corny and rude pickup line invented. Fighting off the suitors and her agitated wolf proves to be more complicated than she had originally anticipated, until illness sets in and leaves her at her horny mutt's mercy.

Logan Runningwolf has grown up with Jessa since birth. When every man within sniffing distance overeagerly offers their services in every humorous and pathetic way possible, he moves in to chase them off and claim the girl who has held his heart since childhood. When a single kiss awakens destiny, he vows to protect and claim his mate.

Damion Shaddow is a highly trained warrior and Beta of the wolf clan. At the age of 29, he is a brick wall of pure muscle power and dominance. Life has become a monotonous hell that has left a loneliness the normal, shallow quick fixes can't fill. He is in a rut, and needs to change something, fast.

When he catches sight of the sexy little minx stretched half-naked on the couch, his wolf lunges at his guards. Confusion and anger well up in him at the realization the curvaceous beauty is Jessa, a silly shifter girl who used to tease and play jokes. Desire spikes in ways he has never felt.

Gavin Blackard has waited centuries to find the one woman the universe has picked to stand by his eternal side. When he finds Jessa in her dreams, his search is over. He sees her growing more ill every day, and knows time is running out.

Before he can save her from the heat, his sister threatens the lives of hundreds and the balance of the universe. He has to stop her before it's too late, and save his one and only true love in a rush against time.

Three chosen mates, one demonic premonition... Can fate prevail and save the world?

Warning: MFMM

13 February
Shae Shannon
Draft2Digital, LLC

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