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Sacred & Naked taps into a deep yearning in this country for a new kind of spirituality, contemplation and quest for meaning. Ruth Ostrow's new book looks at all aspects of life - love, parenting, relationships, sex, health, death and the need for the sacred and the simple in everyday life. Individual chapters in the book grapple with losing friends and loved ones, ponder fidelity in long-term relationships and health, and wonder how everyday lives can be made happy and meaningful. Ruth has always positioned herself as the voice of ‘every person' - not a therapist or expert, but a real person dealing with issues such as fidelity, raising a child, death, the sacred in everyday life and new lifestyle shifts such as voluntary simplicity. She sees her role as that of a ‘facilitator' who brings issues to the table that, in a world of increasing divorce and family disruption, we need as a society to discuss. Sacred & Naked shows that all of us are on a hero's journey; in our ordinary day-to- day lives we have endured as many trials, suffered as many losses, fought as many dragons, and endured as many daggers as any hero. Ruth's own journey over the past twenty years has seen her move from finance journalist at The Financial Review (and in New York) during the Greed-is-Good 1980s, to becoming a mother; through to her sexuality phase in the tabloids to someone on a quest for spiritual enlightenment experimenting with a personal SeaChange and voluntary simplicity in Byron Bay. Through the simple tales and parables in this book, Sacred & Naked will help readers make meaning in their own lives.

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 April
Hardie Grant Books
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No.1Jax ,

Sacred and naked

I loved this book, simple, sensitive funny and wonderfully wise look at situations life can throw at all of us, told in single chapters for each circumstance. I was sad to finish it. Please write another one along the same lines Ruth!

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