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Sacred Sites: Stonehenge
The Pocket Guide to Your Magical Journey

Stonehenge, the legendary circle of stones set in a green field in the pretty English countryside, is the centrepiece of the country’s rich history, a national temple and a symbol of the ancient wisdom of the early inhabitants of the British Isles. There are thousands of stone circles, but the sheer size of this one and the ingenuity and mystery of its construction make it unique. It’s been credited to Merlin, the devil and the faeries, but whatever its origins, today it is a place of worship for those who perform their rituals and dance within its enchanted, hallowed ground to connect with the energy of the earth and to humanity’s ancestral past.

Within the pages of Sacred Sites: Stonehenge, you will:
*Learn the history of this stone circle, the colourful, romantic theories that still swirl around it, who built it and when, the reasons for its construction and why it still fascinates so many people today.
* Discover the sacred landscape that surrounds it, from a processional avenue, wood circle and burial mounds to the place its builders lived.
* Connect to the movement of the sun, moon and stars and the cycle of the seasons, as the ancients once did, and manifest your dreams into reality by working with the deep magic of the lunar phases.
* Create your own purpose and meaning, inspired by a monument that has been so many things to so many people across the ages, and live the life that you want to live, right now.
* Read an interview postcard about Stonehenge with druid, author and magical practitioner Cassandra Eason, who visits this sacred stone circle often.
* And discover extra practical information, websites and details added after Seven Sacred Sites was published.

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