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Sacred Sites: Uluru
The Guide to Your Magical Journey

Uluru, the massive monolith in Australia’s Red Centre, is the spiritual heart of the great southern land. It is a geological wonder, towering up from the desert plain, and a cultural marvel, a sacred place to the Anangu people who have lived in the region for thousands of years, whose spiritual beliefs charge them with the responsibility of looking after this land. Nearby are the thirty-six rock domes of Kata Tjuta, which is also a profoundly spiritual location, full of vibrational power and natural beauty, while the desert landscape itself teems with unexpected life and energy.

Within the pages of Sacred Sites: Uluru, you will:
* Increase your ecological awareness and develop a strong sense of place, reconnecting to the land, to your own country and to your self.
* Learn the history of this amazing place, from the Anangu’s beautiful legends of creation to the uncomfortable story of white settlement and the fascinating geological explanation of this magical region.
* Understand why the traditional owners ask that you don’t climb Uluru, which is so dangerous that many people have died in the attempt, and discover all the other things you can see and do instead.
* Absorb the essence of kanyini, the interconnectedness of humanity and the land, as elders share their wisdom, and find hope for the future in the beautiful relationships they have forged with their interpreter friends, and their light-hearted, heartfelt and respectful interactions.
* Read an interview postcard about Uluru with spiritual author and cosmologist Jude Currivan, who feels a deep affinity with Australia’s sacred heartland.
* And discover extra practical information, websites and details added after Seven Sacred Sites was published. 

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7 June
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