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Three Christian domestic discipline tales sure to ignite passion and conjure up the surprising sexual aspect of a domestic discipline relationship. Included in this bundle are: Lead Me, The Gift, and Lady And The Champ. Although these stories are sexually explicit, they are written in a purposely tasteful manner. 18+

Lead Me
When the ladies in Laura’s church group find out about her secret, an unruly battle ensues between the sexes at church. What’s a small town Pastor to do to bring back peace and harmony among the faithful followers? Perhaps he will need to examine his own marriage and remedy the situation in the only way he knows how. Warning: Some sexually explicit content. 18+

The Gift
A wife’s growing frustration with her marriage leads her into unexpected territory and an increased yearning to submit to her husband. Join this faithful couple as they embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. This tale of Domestic Discipline is the perfect starter for incorporating this shunned practice and would make the perfect e-gift for your husband or wife. 18+

Lady And The Champ
When short tempered boxer James Paddock loses everything during the great depression, his days of earning a decent living come to a sad ending. Without any self respect or dignity to speak of, he slowly spirals into a shady abyss of alcohol and gambling. It will take a strong woman like Marie to get him on his feet again, but it won’t be easy. Caution: Sexually explicit 18+

Fiction & Literature
30 January
Angela Rose
Smashwords, Inc.

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