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“I really enjoyed the book because I could relate to the experiences in it with my own personal ones. I also like how you bring to light issues that can make the reader contemplate society and their own life choices...does wealth define success and happiness? How did society get this way? How do we begin our own spiritual journey to the path of enlightenment? All questions that your book helps a reader think about. You mention in your book that ignorance dictates our conscience, but your book forces our minds to be opened and we can’t use ignorance as an excuse anymore which I think is the best part of this book! It was really such a unique book, and I loved reading it!” 

-Melanie Chang. B.Sc., M.Ed.

“I love the short stories that encourage you to reflect on the message. I like the fact even more that most are very personal to you. I really love the style. It’s very concise and to the point. It’s easy to read and deep at the same time.” 

-Leona McLinden. CHRL. Director, Human Resources

“...it’s very good and inspiring. I find that the little stories make it more real and easier to relate to. You succeed in explaining complex concepts with easy words. I find it very interesting to read and to reflect. There are serious moments and then less so but no matter what your background, everyone will find something to learn from this book. I occasionally tell your stories to people I meet. It makes me look profound and funny.”

-Claude Barde, Digital nomad.

“This is so Les Rodrigues, and God has never been more real than this expression of His indwelling. Your enthusiasm for the work and for those in need shines through and is what Pope Francis implies, is a learning experience – we learn much from those we serve.” 

-Philomina Bong. RIP

Body, Mind & Spirit
3 January
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