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The other day, I was listening to the talk given by Shri Mataji on the occasion of Her birthday Puja celebrations at Sydney on 21st March 1990.

Expressing how overwhelmed She felt at the lovely messages, beautiful decorations, thoughtful gifts and letters of devotees not only from Sydney but from all over the world, She said that what had started off from a single point had now encompassed the whole world like an ocean of joy and fulfillment. What more could one ask for than ruminate over the sweetness and find out an occasion to return to that joy through loving gestures, caring actions and nice thoughtful words. She had expressed on that occasion that it would be a good idea to bring out a collection in the form of a book of all the nice things that can be said and done, provided it is done at the right time, right place and on the right occasion.

This book is an endeavor to put together a few of the introspective transformations that one can bring about in moments of thoughtless awareness to brighten up one's own life as a part of the evolutionary process that we are all undergoing. And what better gift could be than to present this creative endeavor at the holy feet of our Dear Mother who has given us so much all in a span of one life time and that too actualizing it for us. I hope you will enjoy reading it and picking up the right flower from the garden of this collection and presenting it to the right person on the right occasion as we so often have found our beloved Mother taking all the care in the world to do so for us.

Body, Mind & Spirit
21 February
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