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This is a dangerous book. It may shatter you beyond redemption. It may make you forfeit, continuity of comfort with your own being and the world you live. But, the rewards are mesmerizing. It unravels mysteries you thought humanity could never. It’s about universal yet elusive actuality of Reality and Humanity. It is about you, you never knew. Dig in, brave it, for prosperous 2020; lifelong bliss.
Annihilation of humanity is inevitable as stupidities-hypocrisies embedded in consciousness and perception of Reality make Sanity an Impossibility. Intelligence has ‘Seeds’ of its own extinction. 21st century wisdom bares the mechanism-process of compulsive insanity of humanity. This in turn lists out, how an individual can attain Personal Sanity in life-living, even amid madness of milieus.
In the pathology lies the diagnosis of the methodology of cure; in the genetics of problem is embedded the genesis of solution. This is Rule of Causality. When you decipher the anatomy of human world insanity, prescription of individual sanity is charted out. This eBook logically deconstructs collective human hypocrisies and stupidities to objectively construct framework of lasting personal bliss.
Humanity in general does not have the primary culpability of human world hypocrisies and stupidities, as insanity of humanity is coded in the way Reality unravels and expresses itself and the way the human consciousness is designed to perceive it. Still, the human culpability is colossal as despite this knowledge about Reality and Consciousness design being available since ages and now fully deciphered, humanity happily continues to repeat the same mistakes, refusing foolishly to learn from them.
This too happens and shall keep happening till the inevitable extinction of humanity in foreseeable future as this too is very much the mechanism and process of Reality and its expression-perception in human world. All these are no more complicated and unknowable knowledge in 21st century. The knowledge about Reality and its unraveling by the innately restrictive human mind consciousness has been there since around 3000 years but now, modern science has perfectly deciphered it and explained it in reasonably understandable terms.
The critical knowledge of Reality, Human Consciousness and Cognition, along with objective, measurable understanding of the Cosmic Rule of Causality in contemporary scientific wisdom definitively establishes that Sanity Is Impossibility in human world. This knowledge then in its holism reflects happily on the fact that the very understanding of the causalities of insanity of collective humanity reveals the elements that can and should install personal sanity, poise, order and wellness symmetry in an individual.
The core purpose of this eBook is to deliberate in detail about why Sanity is a Possibility only at personal and individual level and any aware and sincere persona can attain it. Naturally, this eBook also categorically lists out the mechanism and process of how an individual can attain his or her personal sanity and system, fully understanding as why this can happen, even when the human world continues with its ever-evolving hypocrisies and stupidities, till annihilation of humanity happens. Welcome.

Body, Mind & Spirit
6 December
Santosh Jha
Smashwords, Inc.

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