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This is book 1 of the Prophets MC romance series! Books 2 and 3 of this motorcycle club romance series are available everywhere now!

He’s a savage beast – and he’s here to drag me back, kicking and screaming.


It’s been almost two months since I took my baby daughter and ran for the hills.

We had to get away from my abusive ex.

He’d given me enough black eyes and sleepless nights to last a lifetime.

And my little girl deserves a better father than a devil like him.

For a little bit, it seems like we’d made it out safe.

I might be stripping to pay the bills.

But it’s worth it if that’s what it takes to feed my daughter, to keep a roof over our heads.

And there’s something liberating about getting on that stage.

Up there, with my legs around a pole and pounding music in my ears, I can be anybody.

I can be anonymous.



And then it all comes crashing down.

It started with a simple request for a dance.

But when I saw who was asking, my blood froze in my veins.

The outlaw biker waiting in the champagne room was like something out of a romance novel:

Rugged, tatted, leather-bound, unbelievably huge.

I gave him what he wanted.

And that might just be the last thing I ever do.


She looked more innocent than I expected.

It’s easy to rationalize killing most of my victims – it’s kind of necessary when you’re a biker hitman like me.

The scum on my hit list are usually criminals of some kind: low life thugs, dirty drug dealers – you get the idea.

They deserve what’s coming to them.

But Val was different.

There was something in her eyes – something fragile. Special. Worth protecting.

And when I find out she has a baby girl at home…

The job gets that much harder.

But my employer tells me I don’t have a choice.

Get it done, he says. Put her down and move on with your life.

So I go through the steps.

I find her at the club where she dances.

Take her to a room in the back.

Tell her I know who she is – who she really is.

Her jaw drops.

I can see her eyeing the door.

Getting ready to run.

And then I tell her the ugly, bloody truth:

I’m the man who’s been sent to kill her.


STOP what you’re doing and check out this bad boy motorcycle club MC romance with a twist! It’s got all the ingredients for an instant classic: a hot, dominant alpha male biker, a motorcycle club with a dark secret, and an innocent girl caught in the middle. It’s dark, it’s hot, it’s passionate, and it can be YOURS right now! So check out SAVAGE BEAST!

30 April
Evelyn Glass
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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