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When sexier-than-hell biker, Jace Savage, shows up at Piper Reece's hospital for a gunshot wound, she knows he's trouble. Especially when the Feds show up to question him. But, there's an undeniable attraction between the two and soon she finds herself helping the bad boy biker, who knows just how to repay her.

**Savage is a full-length novella romance with NO cheating, NO cliffhanger & a guaranteed happy ending.

12 September
Lee Mae
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kernsy95 ,

It was OK

There was definitely an interesting idea, but it felt rushed and I kind of wanted there to be a time skip where the MCs went into witness protection of something for a couple of years and had no idea how the other was.

They seemed to fall in love very quickly and she never really had a good reason to help him in the first place. Plus all his thoughts of her being cracked or desperate seemed to stop just before they both decided what they had was the real deal even though it had only been like a week. More time needed to be devoted to them on the run, but in a mutual way not a kidnap for protection or Stockholm syndrome-like way.

SHE WAS HYPNOTISED BY THOSE DAMN HORMONES!!! This is also a problem because these types of romance make it seem like we, as a species are ruled by our hormones and therefore are unable to even cope when a hot so-and-so walks by. It’s really not a good look (especially for women. It makes it seem like we can’t think past our who-hars)

Also why were the nurses giving out patient information to people who don’t show badges or warrants. Legally a nurse cannot give out room numbers to anyone but family. And unless the patient agrees to make a police statement they can refuse them entry.

I also half expected Patty to turn on Alec given his recent behavioural change. I mean dude was inches away from abusive given his rage and alcohol issues.

And another thing besides fleshing out the story more there’s needs to be some sort of Epilogue. You can’t just end with on arrest they were entire organisations involved surely not everything would be so neat for out MCs quite yet. Another time skip here would show them moving onto a normal life maybe? House, marriage & kids? And maybe even a promotion to a private hospital for our leading lady who damn deserved it too.

Mc romance lover ,

Getting there

I thought that there was a good story base and enjoyed the book. I think making it longer so that the characters can be more developed along with the storyline. It just felt like it was building and then all of a sudden it was all jammed into a few pages and then ended. It was definately enjoyable but your left feeling there should have been more.

N1ck1h ,

Soft not Savage

Sorry, but this one lost me. As an MC book, feel like this one was way off the mark. Telling someone you love them after a couple of days? Let alone a hardened biker?? Nope, just does not make sense to me.

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