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Save the Dreaming sets out what author Brian Morgan calls a synchronized four-step plan to rescue Aboriginal culture and make Australia great.
Editorial reviews have called this book a “game-changer” and a “breakthrough” in the long fight for Aboriginal rights and in the fight for a republic in Australia.
The Aboriginal people of Australia have struggled for more than two centuries for justice and for an end to abuse. They have fought for an apology for stolen children and stolen land, for recognition, reconciliation, a treaty, constitutional change, for land rights and more.
What if we could resolve all of these matters in one fell swoop, once and for all?
What if, in doing so, we could make Australia a truly exceptional place on the world stage, admired everywhere for our compassion and our wisdom?
What if Aboriginal people, for the first time in more than two hundred years, could feel honoured and accepted and recognized. What if we could start to mend broken hearts?
What if every living Australian could achieve a sense of self-worth and pride in righting the wrongs committed for so long?
What if we could do all this and much more with one simple plan?
After 228 years and endless talkfests about land rights, a treaty, reconciliation, recognition, constitutional change and all the rest, Aboriginal people have achieved virtually nothing. Save the Dreaming says we need a new mindset and a plan, and both are offered here.
Author Brian Morgan is urging politicians to save the Dreaming and urging all Australians to support the concept. All the details are on his website and there is also a Facebook page at Savethedreaming. He wants people to talk about Save the Dreaming and to spread the word about it, because, he says, this is an opportunity for every living Australian to right the wrongs of more than 200 years.
Editorial reviews and comments:
Toby Morris, publishing professional:
Save the Dreaming is beautifully written, lyrical and lucid in its story of Aboriginal life and brutally honest in its description of the impact of the British invasion more than 200 years ago. Brian Morgan argues for an inclusive republic that has Aboriginal people at its heart. This is one part of his four-step plan to “save the Dreaming”, which, he says, must be synchronized and run together. They are compelling and, I believe, could well be the breakthrough needed in Australia’s history. I highly recommend it.
Kyle Everingham, book reviewer:
Save the Dreaming is an important book for Australia. Every Aussie should read it. Brian Morgan wants to create a Save the Dreaming Team, made up of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to push politicians to adopt his “synchronized” four-step plan. The book is very well written by an award-winning journalist and author. Intriguing and very well researched.
Name withheld by request, Aboriginal elder:
This Save the Dreaming book covers pretty well everything Aboriginal people want and says the fighting about land rights and human rights can be stopped very quickly. I don’t think we’ve had a plan like this before to change everything. I just asked for a short version of the book because I’m not much of a reader, but I’m glad I read this. I think we all should read it.
Freda Hollingsworth, book editor:
Written by a genuine writer and well researched, Save the Dreaming is the breakthrough book Australia, and especially Aboriginal people, have long awaited. It should be the start of something big.
Bill Templeton, journalist and book reviewer:
Two hundred years of abuse and stolen children and stolen land and hell on earth for Aboriginal people, and here’s a way to end it all quickly, simply and sensibly. This is a game-changer and we all should read this book.

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26 July
Brian Morgan
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levi.schu ,

Beautiful and Inspiring Read!

I’m so glad i stumbled on this book, the story it began with had a profound affect on me it was one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read and gave me so much more insight into the aboriginal culture and just how deep their connection to the land goes. I am more determined than ever now to do my bit to right the wrongs of our past government and people, I encourage everyone to read this book it’s well written, beautiful and simplifies everything. Thank you so much Brian for sharing this gift we need more people like you!

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