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*BEST SHIFTER NOVEL of 2018 ~ Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards*

Discover USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard's world of dark shifters and seductive fae.

Shifters. Dark fae. And a human who's more than she seems...

Black panther shifter Jace Jones lost nearly his entire family in the clan war known as the Darktime. Scarred by the deaths, Jace pours his soul into rebuilding the clan. The only person who has a claim on his heart is his niece, until an attack by a fae assassin leaves him dying on a human's doorstep.

Nursing student Evie Morningstar is doing her best to raise a teenage brother on a waitress's pay. She has no time for men—until she finds Jace bleeding out in her backyard. After she saves the sexy shifter's life, the two take the first steps toward a happily ever after.

But now Evie is the fae's new target—and the Darktime isn't over...

5 stars from InD'Tale Magazine: Primally exciting, sexy and downright fun, "Saving Jace" is an absolute winner! 

NOTE: Saving Jace is the start of the Darktime Trilogy featuring the Baltimore Earth Fada Clan. All books in the Fada Shapeshifter Series are standalone with an HEA, but the stories and people interconnect. If you crave dark shifters, steamy romance and intense emotional storylines, this series is for you! Keep reading for an excerpt:

Someone was watching her. Evie gripped her keys and glanced around.

Across the alley, a pair of luminous green eyes stared at her from the shadows.

Her heart kicked into a gallop. "Jace? Is that you?"

Please let it be him.

He stepped out of the shadows. She blew out a breath. It was Jace.

He crossed the alley in a few long, loose strides. An atavistic tremor went down her spine. This was the real Jace—and he was nothing like the injured, feverish victim of last week. No, this man was dark. Powerful. Raw-boned. A panther in a T-shirt and jeans.

She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, because damn it, she'd saved the man's life. She refused to let him spook her.

He stopped a few feet away. "Hello, Evie."

He was bigger than she remembered, but then, last week he'd been hunched over nursing his injuries. Now she realized he was a good half foot taller than her with the lean, hard build of a soldier. Another shiver went down her spine—but this one had nothing to do with fear.

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus's infamous bacchanals. 
They're dark, ruthless, untamed—and when they love, it's forever.

*BEST SHIFTER SERIES, 2018 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards*

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
25 September
Rebecca Rivard
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kernsy95 ,

Still waiting for ANYTHING to happen

The plot dragged and I was left waiting the whole story for Evie to do something. For ANYONE to do something.
Also there was A LOT of internal monologue and rehashing information over and over again from different perspectives in this book.

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