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Saving Zali is a mother's account of every parent's worst nightmare: a diagnosis of cancer with a shocking prognosis.

In 2009, Lisa and Andrew Venables were told that their eighteen-month-old daughter Zali had Langerhan's cell histiocytosis, or LCH, a cancer resistant to chemotherapy and almost impossible to treat. Zali was given six weeks to live.

It was the beginning of a journey of heartache and bravery as Zali battled daily for her life in Sydney's Westmead Hospital, with Lisa by her side at every step.

Although Zali survived her original prognosis, her condition worsened dramatically. Her medical team ran out of options. Lisa and Andrew were told their daughter had hours to live. But then a controversial treatment was proposed, a treatment never before used for Zali's condition. What happened next was a medical miracle that proved that the extraordinary is possible.

Heartfelt and beautifully told, this is the story of medical dedication, a child's tenacity and a mother's love.

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1 April
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Customer Reviews

Snugglebug 1 ,

Saving Za

What a courageous little girl and what a strong family!

I can't even begin to imagine what you all went through, but I thank god that you all survived it and that Za fought so hard and beat the odds!!

Thank you for sharing your story with me, and I wish you all the happiness in the world for your families future.

Lola Henry

cmpc1975 ,

Saving Zali by Lisa Venables

WOW!!! What an amazing journey Lisa. I guess as an outsider you never really understand what someone has been through by the little bits and pieces you hear. What a horrible, terrifying ordeal you had but with an amazing outcome! What a brilliant book that I could not put down. It has taken me so long to get started, and you know why, but once I started I could not stop, it was just so captivating. I read this while relaxing on holidays in Bali through lots and lots of tears of sadness and heartbreak for both you and Andrew and then through tears of happiness at the outcome, although I already knew that! How would one ever know what Zali went through by looking at her, she is such a beautiful normal healthy happy child! A truly beautiful, amazing story xx

Glentrev ,

Saving Zali

This well written story of the difficult, heartbreaking experience Lisa and her family went through touched my heart. It is a story of hope.