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He should’ve never left his house. He should’ve stayed at home. He has a legitimate excuse—he’s running a fever and he’s fairly sure he’s developing pneumonia. He should have called in sick…but he doesn’t.

He goes to work, because his team is relying on him.

First, he has to sign about eight thousand calendars—all from women who purchased said calendars to benefit the Fallen Officer fundraiser. And when he’s done with that, he has to endure a television interview along with the rest of the SWAT team seeing as they made national news with their ‘Hot SWAT’ calendar that’s sold a million copies to women all over the world.

Needless to say, when Samuel Adams walks into the pharmacy hours later, he only has one thing on his mind. Ibuprofen.

Sadly, he never gets to the Ibuprofen. Mostly because before he gets there, he finds a junkie waving a gun around threatening to kill anybody that moves.

He’s running a fever. That has to be the reason that the girl in the corner begins cursing up a storm and drawing the junkie’s attention. Has to be.


Stop it, stop it, stop it!

She tells herself to take a deep breath. Tells herself that she needs to calm down. Tells herself that if she doesn’t get her act under control, things are going to get ugly.

And, of course, that’s when the curse words start flying.

The more nervous she gets, the worse her Tourette’s becomes. Which is, of course, why she stands up and gives the man a perfect target.

Thank God that the coughing giant in the corner makes the same move and saves her life.

And how does she repay him? By calling him every awful word in the dictionary.

Thank you, Tourette’s

8 September
Lani Lynn Vale
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Heartbreaking and so good

This book had me invested from the first to the last chapter. This is Samuel (Sammy) Adams and Hasting’s story and what an emotional roller coaster of a read Say It Ain’t So was.

Sammy is always responsible and never wants to let anyone down. Even sick, he goes to work, determined to do his job. In this case it is signing calendars for the Fallen Officer fundraiser and doing an interview with his fellow SWAT members.

On his way home, he stops in at a pharmacy to get some medication to help him. However when he walks in, there is a gun wielding junkie threatening people. Hasting’s suffers from Tourette's and because of this often has uncontrollable outbursts. He thinks she is crazy yelling at the junkie, but for her she cannot help it.

Hastings hasn’t had an easy life which has made her suspicious of people and she has a hard time trusting. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes.
This story made me laugh, made me cry and I was really cheering for Sammy and Hasting’s to get their happily ever after. Theirs was a suspenseful, drama filled journey that ripped my heart out and had me reeling. It was raw, gritty and at times frustrating but above all it was entertaining.

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