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Kyle Sandilands has been nominated as the most hated man in Australia, yet at the same time he's one of our most successful and highest rating on-air personalities. His career has been riddled with scandal and controversy, yet his breakfast radio show consistently sits at number one. It's fair to say that Kyle polarises people.

Now, in Scandalands, we have a chance to get to know the real Kyle, from his difficult childhood in Brisbane, his strange adolescence impersonating police officers, through to his steely determination to make it in radio and the successes and failures he's experienced along the way. Whether it's teenage humiliation, his occasionally rocky personal relationships, or full-blown on-air catastrophes, Kyle tells his life story with disarming honesty.

Funny, frank and very revealing, Kyle's memoirs are a page-turning insight into one of Australia's best-known and most controversial media figures.

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1 November
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Customer Reviews

Agnes at adhocsolutions ,


Knowing how liberal tabloid media is with innuendo and sparse with truth, I've always tried to 'judge' Kyle on reputable, transparent facts e.g. That he himself has admitted he has done, or there is radio recording of etc etc. However much I have often disliked his on air and public sagas, I try very hard to draw the line at judging the person that is Kyle - I don't know him, never met him...so what would I be judging him on? His 'trickster' persona? His 'foot in mouth' mask? His 'says what others would never say just to see what happens?' Act?

For this reason, I downloaded the sample of this book. You know how some samples can be 10 pages, others show you up to 300 pages? I was sure this sample would be short, and include nothing much but the contents page, a dedication and a bit of an intro.

I was wrong! 90 pages does give you the contents page - with chapter headings that give you an idea as to what will be covered in the book, but it also gets into his early life up to being a teen, so you get a taste of the writing style - which, in my opinion, is easy to read, yet not simplistic, it pulls you in and invites you to read and read into what's being written at the level you want to read. (I.e. want a quick entertaining read? Then just read stat to end, laugh in appropriate places and you're home to roost. Want something deeper, a bit of a exposé or investigation of inner Kyle vs. the world? Then read a little slower and note the subtexts.)

I guess my review is so long because this definitely fits the old adage of not judging a book by its cover. Mind you, the sample doesn't get into the controversial aspects, that's later in the book. But, after reading the sample, I will be buying the rest of the book next payday as regardless of how I feel about the character and public persona of Kyle Sandilands, it is a should warming book.

Actually, I'm even feeing generous enough to say we all stuff up at one time or another, yet it's how we deal with it that defines us. Me? I lack confidence, so when I stuff up, I grovel for forgiveness or run and hide. Kyle? Also lacks confidence (come on, find me 1 person who is 100% confident 100% of the time!) but he laughs about his stuff ups...maybe that's why he's 'hated'...?

Download at least the sample. Have a read. This is one book where it doesn't matter if Kyle actually wrote the words or a ghostwriter did - it is definitely Kyle's story...and in a weird way, all of our story too, as we've all been the stuff up, the hated one, the thorn in someone else's backside...as we've all been the lost and friendless one, the directionless and adrift one, the masked one...

Good luck on the rest of your journey Kyle, and to us all as we travel the road of being human.

HayleyD1976 ,

Loved it

While I'm not a fan of Kyle, autobiographies intrigue me. The fact that like me he's from Brisbane and in my age bracket is relatable. I found his writing style refreshingly honest, his comments brash, yet funny and his life is so full which made the book flow. After reading this my opinion of Kyle has changed and I find him entertaining and quite likeable in a unique way. Well done Mr Sandilands.

R A C R ,

Awesome Job

I bought this book in the afternoon and finished it early morning because couldn't put it down. He has made mistakes, show me one person that hasn't, but it's a big man that can admit his mistakes and it sounds like he has learnt from them. Great job Kyle.