Scifi & Fantasy Megabundle: 12 Novels

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Publisher Description

This gigantic bundle brings together 12 exciting scifi and fantasy books from genre author, Adam Drake.

Kingdom Series

Book 1: Kingdom Level One

Book 2: Kingdom Level Two

Book 3: Kingdom Level Three

Book 4: Kingdom Level Four

A broken kingdom for a reluctant king.

Robert was content with his life as a night-shift janitor. No stress, no worries, and no responsibilities. But this idyllic existence is turned upside down when he suddenly finds himself trapped inside a fantasy Role Playing Game.

Confused and alone he must find a way to escape back to his own world and, more importantly, to his daughter. But to do that he must take up the biggest responsibility of all:

To rule a kingdom.

Escape to the Fringe

When Ash and Femke Quinly decide to steal a transport ship from the local criminal syndicate, their troubles have just begun. With enemies in relentless pursuit, and their options dwindling, an already dangerous situation becomes more futile.

But when the universe is gunning for you, there is one insane option only the truly desperate can take:

They must escape to the Fringe!


The nightmare begins.

In one fell swoop, civilization is changed forever.

No one is unaffected, few are prepared.

Through the blood and chaos, civilization will be permanently transformed.

And it all begins with one terrifying moment, when the lights go out and never come back on.

Shadow For Hire Series

Book 1: Shadow Gambit

Book 2: Shadow Hunting

Book 3: Shadow Wars

Book 4: Shadow Blade

An impossible quest for a legendary item.

I love questing for loot. 

And the more difficult the quest, the greater the reward.

So when I'm offered a chance to retrieve the ultimate treasure of all, I signed up. Yet no one warned me the task would be impossible. Against overwhelming odds I'm also expected to defeat an ancient evil - one with the power of a god.

But you know what?

Some loot is worth risking it all.

The Big Bag of Infinite Cats

A baffling mystery of ancient magic!

When a strange case of a detective being turned to stone stumps local police, retired investigator Mayra Beeweather is asked to assist. One of her tools of the trade is a magical bag which contains an infinite number of cats. Very special cats – each with a unique ability to aid in her investigation.

Yet, even with their help, Mayra may not solve the case in time, for she may be the next victim turned to stone.

Bitch Berserker

Trapped in a savage new reality!

As an interstellar surveyor, my job is to find and explore new star systems at the very fringes of humankind's reach. There are no conflicts, or even stress – it's simply a career which allows me to quietly drift through the cosmos, enjoying its endless beauty.

Then I found myself trapped on a world like no other. Dark, bloody and brutal, I had to adapt quickly to this new reality, or me and my crew would never get a chance to escape.

And as I carved a blood-soaked path across this realm of carnage, there was one horrifying fact about myself I needed to confront:

Learning to kill was easy, but learning not to love it so much... now that's hard.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
15 December
Adam Drake
Draft2Digital, LLC

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