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She married her one-night stand to keep him out of prison...

Henrik Haller is the worst kind of womanizer. He's an alpha werewolf and a SEAL, and after a one-night stand with curvy Celia Snow, he knows he might have just found his mate. But when he kills to protect her, she agrees to a sham marriage to save his hide.

He's insufferable and full of himself, and she loves to hate him...

Haller doesn't seem to realize the marriage is fake, but she's seen his inner wolf at its worst, and she's afraid he's too dangerous to be with. But Haller won't take no for an answer, and it's oh-so hard to say no to those rock-hard abs and devilish charm.

But when things get dangerous, she's glad her husband is a Navy SEAL...

He's a Navy SEAL turned mercenary, and he's the kind of man that has a lot of enemies. When the most monstrous of shifters swears revenge on him and his wife, Haller shows that his bite is even worse than his bark. He'll do anything to protect his wife.

Will it be enough to convince Celia that he's not just a fake husband, and that he's worthy of being her mate? 

Find out in this first book in the SHIFT Squad Series by Aya Morningstar with dragons, steamy sex, and a great Happily Ever After! With NO cliffhanger!

9 July
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Ded Tom ,

Hard to put down

Great characters with good plot. A little predictable in the storyline but overall a great mix of romance and action.

JoJoey2014 ,

Half star review

I couldn’t wait to finish this book... purely so that I could give it the poor review it deserved. It rambled on and on with no real context or direction and the characters were weakly written. This is the type of book you wonder how it ever got published. And wish you could get your money back on. I’m literally going to remove the down,iAd. Shame on this author for writing such a mess.

Bbbeeebbbbbccccc ,

Excellent quick read!

This little book was very well written, and I greatly enjoyed that while it was relatively short, it was a complete story, rather than a serial requiring the next book or books to finish the story. The perfect amount of action, combined with plot and some steamy moments, as well as some comedy. Will definitely be recommending this to my friends.

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