Second Chance Sweetheart: A Single Mom and CEO Billionaire Romance Short Story

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Matt leapt out of bed and looked around to find something to throw on quickly. He couldn't believe that she had left so early. He had planned on having his chef cook them a giant breakfast to enjoy in bed together and then he would drop her off at the cosmetic company on his way to the energy plant. Why had she left? What had he done wrong? Frustrated at not being able to find his favorite pair of boxers he threw on his favorite slacks over his birthday suits and headed out the door to find Sarah. Perhaps she was just up early and in the kitchen already with his cook he hoped to himself.

He rushed down the stairs, almost tripping over the bottom on and cursing out loud as he landed on his left foot awkwardly. Ignoring the sharp pain that shot up his legs he kept hurrying down the long hallway to his kitchen.

"Shin!" Matt called out as he burst into the kitchen, the doors swinging widely in his wake.

"Good Morning, coffee?" Shin asked calmly. "What? Coffee? I don't want coffee right now. Where's Sarah?" Matt asked frustrated.

"Sarah? The girl you hired at the cosmetics company?" Shin asked sipping on his morning tea slowly.

"Yes, that Sarah. Did you take her home this morning?" Matt asked frantically. Upset that his hope of her being in the kitchen had not turned out to be true.

"Who me? I didn't even know that you brought her home last night and I just got up. It must have been the driver. In fact now that you mention it I didn't see his car out there this morning but maybe he's parked it in the garage. Do you want me to go check for you?" Shin asked Matt.

Matt didn't even wait for Shin to finish his sentence before he ran out of the kitchen and back down the hallway. He ran into the foyer and threw open the large front door to look for his chauffer and his car. They were nowhere to be seen. His car however was still parked at the bottom of the steps where he left it. He looked at his pants and cursed again. Running back up to his bedroom he put on a suitable outfit for work and back down to the car to find Sarah and do damage control on whatever it was that she was feeling.

He hopped in his car and sped off toward the cosmetic company. He knew that she would be there, she didn't want to lose her cushy new job that she had just landed for herself and her daughter. At least he was able to find her easily he thought to himself as he passed the doors to his estate and continued on down the road. Thinking about what he would do and say to assuage her feelings and help her to feel better. He really did love her, so very much. He knew about her pain and hurt from her ex and her daughter being sick in the hospital and he wanted more than anything to provide a life for her where he could take care of all of her small worries so that she could focus on the big things in life and enjoying time with her daughter and him. And maybe even one day having a child of their own. He was getting a little too far ahead of himself though, first he had to find her and make sure that she was okay after their night together.

WARNING: This is a single mom and CEO billionaire Romance short story which contains some very steamy love scenes. It is only appropriate for mature readers age 18+.

19 November
Roxy Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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