Secrets of the World's Worst Matchmaker

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Imagine you’re a matchmaker and you realize too late you’re in love with your childhood best friend. You only have yourself to blame—you’re the one who matched him and now he’s engaged to be married. When you find yourself in this position there’s a few secrets you’re going to need to keep…

Secret #1 – Smile when he tells you the happy news, even if your heart cracks in half.

Secret #2 – Don’t compare yourself to his beautiful French fiancée. You’re just as beautiful.

Secret #3 – Don’t tag along to the tux fitting with him alone. Just no.

Secret #4 -  Don’t help him learn to dance to his wedding song.

Secret #5 – Erase all memories of the two of you through the years when lines blurred for even the briefest of moments.

And the one you never saw coming…

Secret #6 –Definitely, don’t stand and object—someone else might just do it for you.

23 June
Piper Rayne Incorporated
Piper Rayne, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

Juno and Colton’s book feels like it’s been a long time coming but boy was it worth the wait, this book was everything I expected and so much more. Juno has never been looking for love for herself, she works as a matchmaker for other couples because she decided long ago Love was not for her. Colton has been her best friend for so many years, he has been the friend she bounced ideas off, the friend she confided in so when did he become more than just a friend, when did she fall in love with man who has always has her back..... everyone in the family seemed to realise before Colton and Juno that what that had was special and certainly more than just a friendship so what can’t they see it. I love catching up with the Bailey’s, I always feel like I’m home visiting family and friends whenever I pick one of their stories up and this book was different, it was witty, it was funny and it was romantic. The characters are easy to love and plot always draws you in, what a great addition to the series.

Sian'Raelene ,

The Baileys

Secrets of The World’s Worst Matchmaker
The Bailey #7

Secrets of The World’s Worst Matchmaker will be Released on the 23/06/2020!

“Colton Stone.” Dori turns to me. “Forget the key thing. I don’t have cameras on you. You’re not the interesting of a person.”

Well back to Lake Starlight I go and let me tell you I absolutely love getting the chance to visit the Bailey Family again. This books is all about the beautiful redhead Matchmaker of the family, Juno Bailey. Juno and Colton’s story is a friends to lovers book full of emotions, heartache and a love that has stood the tests of time. I feel that their book has been brewing since the very beginning and now that they have a chance to tell their story you won’t be disappointed.
This book is a friends to lover story that shows us not only their lives now but show us how there friendship has grown to be what it is today. It shows how they have been their for each other through all their ups and downs and how their friendship has stood the test of time, well that is until Colton puts a ring on someone else’s finger. Now Juno needs to decided if maybe she should Matchmaker herself.

Their is two more Bailey left to get their happily ever after, and this book makes me what them now but also makes me sad as the end is near. I absolutely love this series and highly recommend it.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Secrets of the World’s Worst Matchmaker and for that I’m very grateful.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

I have been waiting for Juno and Colton’s book for what seems like forever and it was everything I hoped for and so much more. Along with her siblings, being orphaned at left them all devastated. They all reacted in different ways and for Juno, she does not want to fall in love as she cannot contemplate being left alone, so she works as a matchmaker and refuses to entertain the possibility of falling in love. Or is it already too late?
Juno and Colton have been friends for years and it is only after she pushed Colton away to find love, that Juno realises that she is in love with Colton and has been for years. Everyone in the family and around them knew this, the only ones who appeared to be oblivious were Juno and Colton themselves.
It was great catching up on all the couples and their extended family and friends. As I expected there were laughs, some drama, a little angst and a whole lot of love as the family watch the train wreck that has become Juno and Colton’s friendship, now that Colton has a fiance and is planning his wedding.
It was so great to be back with the Bailey’s as I have become invested in their lives. Piper Rayne’s characters are strong and so easy to relate to that you cannot help but become invested in the story that they weave.

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