Seduced by Her Billionaire Boss: A Single Mom and CEO Billionaire Romance Short Story

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Sarah called up her friend Christine in hysterics and not knowing what to do.

"Oh Christine!! What am I going to do!!?" She blurted over the phone.

"I am so screwed. No job, my kid is super sick, Oh my GOD!! Does that mean I'm losing my insurance too!! Oh Christine!!!" Sarah began to just sob no longer able to get any words out.

"Oh, honey. There, there. It's going to be okay. I know you don't feel like that right now. But I promise you it is. It is all going to be okay," Christine said to Sarah in a groggy voice. It was obvious that she was still hung over from the night before. Tom quietly slipped out of bed and exited the room with his things, having no desire at all to become this lady's knight in shining armor or even a shoulder for her to cry on. He had another busy night of work to get ready for and more ladies to find for fresh fucking that night. He got dressed and slipped out without Sarah so much as even noticing she was in such hysterics.

Sarah continued to cry as she held the phone up to her ear, still wrapped in the blankets of the bed. She had felt Tom slip out but didn't care and was relieved when she heard the door click behind him as he left. The last thing she wanted to do was have to deal with this with some random guy, much less some guy that probably didn't really care anyway.

"Oh Christine…" She started into the phone.

"Look honey, calm down. Run yourself a bath and clean up and I'll be right over. It's going to be okay I promise," Christine said as she hung up the phone.

Sarah lay under the covers and knew that she had to get up and keep going. Despite every bone in her body wishing that she didn't have too. She wanted to lay there wrapped up in those blankets and just cry and die and not have to deal with any of this. It was all so horrible. What if she lost her kid next? She shuddered to even think about it and let out a whole new wave of sobbing and tears. Finally the crying slowed and he pulled her head off of the damp pillow. Her matted hair clinging to her face from the dampness of her tears, resisting the strong urge to lay back down underneath the fluffy blanket she dragged herself out of bed and to the bathroom and began to run herself a hot steamy bath so that she could cleanup and make it to the hospital to check on her daughter once Christine had arrived.

She soaked in the steamy waters for about 30 minutes. Taking the times to wash her face and body carefully and even rinsing out her hair. She felt like she was ill she had drank so much the night before, or maybe it was the lack of sleep, or the extra exerted energy from all of the fucking, or possibly (and most likely) it was the stress. Whatever it was it felt like a thousand boulders weighing her down but she continued to get ready. She had finally gotten dressed and gathered her belongings and was about ready to head out the door without her friend when she heard a knock.

"Christine?" She asked.

"Yup, it's me love. Let me in!" Christine said muffled by the large door.

Sarah went to the door and let her friend in, Almost collapsing in her arms, the tears starting to well up again.

"There, there," Christine comforted her as she gave her a big hug and wrapped her arms around her tightly. She had never quite realized how much larger Christine was than her until she had her face squished into her breasts like she did at that moment. Sarah pulled back and wiped her tears.

WARNING: This story contains some very steamy love scenes. It is only appropriate for mature readers age 18+. 

19 November
Roxy Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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