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<p>Seeds of Lust is the second short story collection from erotica author Blaine Teller. This collection includes seventeen sexy stories of erotic temptation, fantasy and desire, including twelve M/F stories, three lesbian stories, and two with multiple partners. Meet Tess and Ashley, who define Tess&rsquo;s werewolf nature for love; follow Juan as he attempts to avoid a siren&rsquo;s call.

Foxy Lady
Evan is an average-looking guy with a beautiful blonde girlfriend. One night when she gets amorous, she guesses his secret attraction to the wild kingdom. Lucky for him, she senses his true desires, and can transform to better fit his fantasies.</p><p>Master Baking
Heather takes on Kimberly as an apprentice at her bakery. Despite some initial disagreements, they get along wonderfully once Heather teaches Kim about the secret ingredient that made her famous.

The Seed of Courage
The king is dying of poison, and only a magic elixir will save him. Lady Amyle, bravest and blondest of the king's knights, is tasked with providing three rare potion ingredients.

Fully Mooned
As two lovers, Tess and Ashley, finish with their night session of lovemaking, Tess reveals that she is actually a werewolf. Ashley decides to ignore her warnings and begins to enjoy her lover for another time that night.

Getting Slaid
Sergei is commissioned by a small village to slay a golden dragon residing nearby. The dragon makes him an offer &ndash; she will pay him double what the village has offered if he lets her live. But is that all?

Effeminate brunette Jamie and his shapely blonde lover Nicole visit a clothing store together and try on some clothes. Jamie gets a little stiff in the fitting room, but Nicole comes to help him out.

Girlier: Girly Part 2
Jamie is just an average guy with a not so average preference for women&rsquo;s clothes. His beautiful girlfriend Nicole doesn&rsquo;t mind; they are more than willing to face up to the public together.

Shy blonde Julia is bored stiff of her relationship with Scott. No man can meet her needs, but she would never admit it. One day, she meets a mysterious, dark-haired woman who sets her loins aflame with a burning desire.

Demon Seed
Melissa and her husband make a deal with the devil, but they misunderstand the terms of the dealand Melissa is shocked when the devil comes to collect: she will conceive, bear, and raise his child.

Abigail has a taste for the wilder side of life. Using her magic, she transforms her husband Martin into various anthropomorphics for her pleasure.

Blue Screen of Desire
Beautiful blonde Katie is having some computer trouble. Her friend Nick, a scrawny nerd, comes over to help her without asking anything in return. She decides that she should do something to repay him.

A Woman&rsquo;s Touch
Sexy blonde Brandy never planned to become a porn star, but it pays the bills. After a long day, she comes home to her brunette lover Angela, tired and in dire need of relaxation.

Siren&rsquo;s Song
Amateur explorer Juan buys a map from an old man, looking for treasure. til he is lured to a secluded cove by the sound of a beautiful voice singing.

Caroline sees a meteorite fall to Earth, right in her back yard. She&rsquo;s not really scared; she&rsquo;s more intrigued. She investigates, and soon finds that the space rock is inhabited by an amorous tentacle alien.

Witch&rsquo;s Ball
A powerful witch decides to throw a celebration. But instead of inviting townspeople, she decides to transform inanimate objects and random animals into humans.</p>

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21 April

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