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The poems span four decades of selected writings from the author, starting with “In Black and White”, written at the age of eighteen, making a statement against the apartheid system that ruled South Africa at the time. ”Separation” continues with this theme, dealing with the forced separation of people of different colours. The next few poems, “Lights at Night” and ”Thoughts of Expression”, written when the author was sixteen, are more introspective, and lead on to “Door in the Rain.” The next poem, “A Shadow at Night”, illustrates more of the apartheid system, where people of colour were not allowed on the streets after a certain hour. ” Snow at Igls, Austria” illustrates the immensity of nature against man. The next two poems, “In Memory Of The Drought 1983”, and “On A Train In The Cradock Area In June” are self-explanatory. “On Being Alone” illustrates the futility of sleeplessness, and being alone. The poem “Alone”, written in 1984, marks the beginning of the author’s fight against, severe, treatment resistant depression. “Falling asleep” was written when away from home and battling to get to sleep! “Divorce Through The Eyes Of The Children” marks a very dark period in the author’s life, marking divorce from his first wife, and the separation from his children. “Renaissance” was written in recognition of the strength, of the woman, who became and remains his second wife. “Running” and “Tears” sadly reveal the author’s on-going desperate battle against depression. “Goodbyes” was written after saying goodbye to his children, after one of their all to brief visits. The final three poems, “Who Was She?”, “O So Young” and ”E.C.T.”, were all written while the author was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, for Electro Convulsive Therapy for his depression. The poem ”E.C.T.” speaks to this, while “Who Was She?” and “O So Young” speak to the tragedy of two of the patients.

Body, Mind & Spirit
22 January
Barry Cramp
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