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New revised edition 2017! Lyn Kelley, Ph.D. has 25+ years experience as a licensed therapist and certified relationship coach who draws from her own experience and that of her clients to give you all the information you’ll ever need to know about self-centered and narcissistic men. You’ll learn how “bad” he is on a scale from 1–10. You’ll know all the early warning signs, why you’re attracted to him, how to respond to selfish behavior, the 11 questions you MUST ask up front, the 3 C’s to watch out for and the 3 R’s cure. If there is any hope for your self-centered man, this book will give you the ONLY strategies that work to turn him into a generous, caring, giving man.

Chapter 1: What’s the Difference Between Self-Centered and Narcissistic?
Diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality
Treatment of Narcissistic Personality

Chapter 2: How “Bad” Is He?
What Causes Selfishness?
Levels of Severity Continuum

Chapter 3: Early Warning Signs
How to Know if He’s “Workable”
Charm and Charisma
Don’t Be Impressed
Better to be Interested than Interesting
When to Leave Him Where You Found Him

Chapter 4: Why We Fall For Them
When Two Narcissists Attract
Patty Pleaser
The Need for Challenge
Alpha Males
Emotional Roller-Coaster Addiction

Chapter 5: Why Narcissists are Often Commitment-Phobic
Uncovering the Wolf
Learned Selfishness
Freedom and Choices
Conflicting Behaviors
Keep Things On Your Terms
How to Deal With Inconsistency and Ambivalence

Chapter 6: How to Respond to Selfish Behavior
Identify His Selfishness
11 Questions You MUST Ask
How to Deal With Dishonesty
Always Have a Getaway Plan
Use Bold, Honest, Straight Talk
Why You Must Have Standards
Let Him Be the Fixer
Watch Out for the 3 C’s
Have Some Non-Negotiables

Chapter 7: The Golden Boy
The Pedastalized Child
I’m God, I’m Garbage

Chapter 8: The Venture Capitalist
Dr. Know-It-All
Mr. Dodge
Mr. Metro-Sexual

Chapter 9: The 3 R’s Cure: Respect, Reality and Reciprocity
The Misogynist

Chapter 10: When and How to End it
Idealization and Fantasy
How to Tell Him

Chapter 11: Should I (we) Seek Help?
Can Therapy Help?
Dealing With Resistance

27 October
Lyn Kelley
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