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New, updated, revised edition 2018. Yes, you can become your own Life Coach! This book gives you the proven methods of goal achievement from the world’s top coaches. Everything you need to create your dream life plan and put it into action. The fun and easy 12 step workbook exercises give you your step-by-step process, structure, guidance, motivation and support you need to achieve any goal. Learn your own self-sabotages and how to overcome them. Don’t wait another minute to start working on your best life! Here's what you'll discover:
Everyone’s Got a Coach!
How A Structured Program Helps You
How is Coaching Different from Therapy?
Primary Functions of a Coach
Where Does Motivation Come From?
The Main Theories of What Motivates People
Applications for Self Coaching
Achievement Motivation
Healthy Pursuit of Goals
Definitions of Success
Internal vs. External Motivation
Assessing Your Own Goals
How Quickly Can People Change?
Gradual Change
What You Can Change and What You Can’t
Developing Ambition
GROW’s Simple 5-Step Coaching Process
Decision Making
Knowing Your Essence
Knowing What You Really, Really, Really Want
What Do You Value Most?
Creating a Vision and Goals
Your Personal Vision
Your Personal Mission Statement

Session 4: What Has Stopped Me in the Past?
Self-sabotage and Fear
The Seven Major Blockers to Success
Hidden Stressors
What Am I Willing to Do to Get It?
Enduring the Struggle
Review Your Past Successes
Time Line
Goal Attainment Progress
What Do I Need to Change Before I Can Do It?
Thought Transformation
Replacing Negative Self-statements with Positive Self-statements
Disputing Irrational Beliefs
Creating My Action Plan
Setting Goals, Sub-goals, Tasks
The 6 Step Dream Conversion Process
Practice Goal-Planning Sheets
Time Management Pie Chart
Who Supports Me?
Your Personal Support Network
Promote Your Dream
Mentors and Role Models
Imitate Others You Admire
How Can I Motivate Myself?
Spirituality and Self-help
Who’s In Charge of Your Life?
Positive Motivational Affirmations
Motivational Music Gets You Moving!
Assessing Progress
Picture Your Progress
Action Plan Assessment
I'm Confident I Can and Will Do It!
Accepting Success
What are Your Stars?
Using Positive Affirmations
50 Ways To Motivate Yourself
Creating Your Vision
Thought and Attitude Transformation
Self Doubt
Worry, Fear, and Pessimism
Goal Setting and Action Plans
How Challenges Motivate Us
Feeling Stuck or Discouraged
Developing Self Discipline and Perseverance
Self Motivation

Body, Mind & Spirit
25 September
Lyn Kelley
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