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Self Hatred as Silent and Unconscious

If we are not loving ourselves, we are hating ourselves. The easiest way to learn what self love looks like is to learn what self hatred looks like.

One of the reasons why self hatred is so destructive is because it is silent. Self hatred is the Silent Devil. Why silent? Because the more strongly we vibrate as self hatred the less likely we are to be aware of it. A quick test is to feel how offended we are by the suggestion that we may hold a vibration of self hatred.

The stronger the feeling of anger or offence the more likely it is that we vibrate strongly in this vibration. It is the shame of this vibration which keeps it suppressed.   Even though shame keeps the vibration of self hatred mostly suppressed and unconscious, we know that it is energetically impossible to feel something that is not already within us. Hence, we cannot be offended by someone or something unless we already are the feeling when we feel offended.

Self Hatred is Currently The Norm

It will become clearer as we explore self hatred in depth that this vibration, this vibration of self hatred, is actually held by most individuals on Earth at this time to at least some extent. It is also true that this vibration, this vibration of self hatred, is also barely understood by most people on planet Earth. This Guide does two things:

1) Shows us what it means to not love ourselves as God.

2) Shows us that happiness comes at the end of self hatred.

Who Am I To Speak on Self Hatred?

 At the age of 4 I realised I was a girl, I had up until this point assumed that I was a boy. I grew up in a very controlled environment and regardless of my gender identification I was not allowed to express myself authentically in any way.

To deal with my emotional trauma and mental pain I turned to religion at a very young age, namely at 10 or 11 years old. After experiencing the religion of Christianity I converted to Islam at the age of 18 and by the age of 21 I left religion entirely.

At the age of 21 I was in a state of being which was terrified to speak in public - meaning that I would literally feel fear every time I spoke in front of people.

At the age of 29 I embraced myself as male and I underwent a physical gender transformation - but my pain was far from over.

In order to speak as I now can, I have had to go through the most complex and advanced spiritual becoming in the history of human civilisation. I experience pain both meta-physically and astronomically.

For the purposes of this Guide and its relevance to you, I invite you to know that I have come from being a perfect embodiment of self hatred and what it means to hate oneself, to being an embodiment of peace and self love. This incredibly difficult process qualifies me to speak candidly and directly on the matter of self hatred.

May this Guide serve to enrich your life abundantly.

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1 May
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