Sell Like Crazy

by Sabri Suby - How to Get as Many Clients, Customers and Sales as You Can Possibly Handle – A Comprehensive Study Guide

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A Comprehensive Study Guide of Sell Like Crazy

If you are passionate about the sales and marketing world, perhaps you have already met a customer who is difficult to please when it comes to presenting your product or offering your services. It is common to believe that efficiency, which surely identifies you totally, is a guarantee to close sales and business with potential customers. Many times, believing that doing everything right will lead you directly to success is a mentality that stagnates us and generates frustration when we do not perceive the results we want immediately. In the same way, starting in the sales and trade world can be very intimidating and can generate some mistakes at the pace. The most important thing is to maintain the best attitude in the world and not only have a positive mentality, instead create effective strategies that will allow you to avoid the objections that stand in your way or, in the worst case, learn to manage them and not let them hinder your business.
This book can help you with the possible objections that any client may face to your proposals and you will acquire a basic understanding of them, since understanding the other is the first step to approach him or her, so reflecting on the needs of your clients and why they might reject you will help you to respond assertively and not do so defensively and inefficiently. Furthermore, it is important to understand that an objection can give us enough information to improve the product or actively convince the client, everything depends on our receptivity to the objection and to the words of the other who is refusing, but who is only exposing his most elementary needs.
We must understand that objections are a fundamental element of the daily life of sellers and this has been the case since sales began to position themselves as a professional way from which to receive consistent profits, it has always been so and always will be so, it is part of the job and must be assumed as such. It is impossible to conceive the business of sales without objections, to think this is an unproductive utopia that will not lead to anything good. Behind every objection, there is an opportunity beating and waiting for the seller to take advantage of them. Also, you should think that if your client wasn't directly interested in what you offer, he wouldn't bother to raise objections, that's the introduction to traditional negotiation.
Although to be fair, indeed, the customer is not interested in the product as such, but the benefits it can receive from it, that must be the direction of your speech, so you must orient your words in order to convince him, sales are the art of seduction and, although in personal and sentimental life, objections can be indicators of closed doors, sales are indicators of direction, they show you where you should go and how you should only listen attentively to your customer and translate his words in how to attract him to your product. Don't spend hours and hours trying to explain what the product is, defining it won't help you at all, instead, you should focus on articulating what the product does and its practical advantages about the customer in question, the more specific you can be much better.

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17 March
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