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Coach Davis has a special way with his boys. A firm hand. Intense training. And for the really stubborn ones… blackmail.

That’s what happened to Wade, the team’s cocky star quarterback. Wade thought that he could break a deal he made with the Coach. Well, now the Coach is breaking Wade. Pushing him past all his limits. Forcing him to become the perfect athlete. And the perfect sex slave.

Now the popular high school jock is being used in ways that he never imagined. And worse, he’s starting to accept it. Wade is alone, with no one to turn to. Who would help him, if they knew the truth? His dad? His football buddies? They’d all turn on him in an instant if they saw those videos that the Coach has.

Wade thinks that he’s reached rock bottom. But that’s only because he doesn’t know that the Coach has planned for him next. There are guys who will pay big money to spend the night with a winning high school quarterback. And Wade’s gonna start earning his keep.

But Coach Davis has a problem. One that he doesn’t even know about yet.

Because Wade isn’t alone. As hard as the Coach has worked to isolate him, there’s still one person who cares about him. One person who might come to his rescue. 

But that person is going to have to rescue himself, first. Because Wade’s only hope isn’t a jock or a teacher or even a cop. It’s Kevin, the most bullied kid in school. The Coach would probably laugh if he knew.

But the Coach is about to learn something, along with all the other bullies.

Never underestimate a pissed off geek.

First time gay BDSM erotica. All characters 18+

Fiction & Literature
August 12
Pyramid Press
Keith Hartman

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