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No one ever questions the pairings their pack-master chooses for them. No one, except Jessica St. Marks, who can't stand the thought of being bonded for life to Zach Brighton, douchebag extraordinaire.

Jessica plans a night out with her human friend, Ashley, to have a little fun before she's forced to settle for the loser her pack has chosen to be her mate. Little does she know, her fate is about to change when she runs into a mystery wolf who takes her breath away, and marks her as his own.

Evan De'Lune may be new and exciting, but he has secrets that threaten to not only put Jessica's life in danger, but his ability to keep his claim on her as well!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 March
Moonlit Dreams Publications
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

very cranky ,

Significance series meets Becoming Alpha

This a good plot and the author did well to write it, but I thought she could have given the reader more info on being a wolf in her world. Still, i liked the way she wrote it and recommend this Young Adult for those who have read Shelly Crane or Aileen Erin.

Read dance sing ,

Shadows of the Ancients

Christine M. Butler
Y. Shadows of the Ancients 6/10
Free iBook. Jess is a werewolf, one of the Lesser kind - who mix their blood with humans. She sees Evan in a club and is blown away by his power. He is one of the Ancient (pure blood) and he marks her as his by rubbing his face on hers. His father is King, and when the king learns that Jess is actually a pure blood Ancient and the White Wolf (to be the exulted female ruler), he uses his power to force Jess to equally date his older so as well as Gs youngest son. So the next book is to be a tiresome love triangle. I won't read it.

rockyroad.21 ,

Lost interest halfway through

The early parts of the novel were captivating, but the story became repetitive further on as it wasn't really going anywhere. The main character kept harping on about her problems and things became stagnant as she couldn't move beyond what troubled her. She was supposed to be a strong character but I couldn't really see her strength as the book progressed, just her temper. I'm a bit disappointed as it seemed like it would be a good read.

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