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Share Some Time With Me - Safe Journey Trilogy book 2 tells the story of Julia Meier before she travels to Australia. It is about a dream that she wants to fulfil. She knows one day she will be able to go and travel all the way to Australia.
The story starts with Robby Henson who is then a successful hostel owner and meets Evelyn Meier, Julia’s elder sister. She meets Joe a young, tall and beautiful Dutch backpacker who has the same dream and together they will travel through Australia and Southeast Asia.
Julia Meier lives in the southwest of Holland and she works for a small supermarket near her fathers and grandmother’s apartment blocks. The job is boring and the wages are not high enough to save enough money for her future journey. She needs a better job so she can fulfil her dream.
Her life changes when she reads an ad in the papers. The ad promises her a good job in Mallorca, Spain with lots of fun and guaranteed good income. What the job doesn’t’ say is that it is a commission based income. The more she can send the more she can make.
She gives the company a call and goes to a seminar a week later. She hears about the work and applies for the job. She tells her father and her employer about her new job. They both don’t want to see her leave. She needs to convince them so she can go and give it a try.
The first two months aren’t so bad. She works hard but the job is harder than was told. She still thinks she can earn enough money so she can travel within a couple of months to Australia. Her dream comes to an abrupt end when she loses her passport and money in the north and her faith in the job.
She goes back to Holland she follows a new course what would be fruitful in the future. She learns from her sister that she bears some good news. She comes back home when Julia is helping her grand uncle and grandmother who needs her help.
The death of her mother and later in life the death of her grandmother’s sister marks the end of the life of her dear grandmother. She sees no more interest in life and starves herself to death. The path of death is a long, slow and painful one and asks too much from Julia and her family. She can’t deal with it and runs away.
Another ad in the papers is her escape to the same island where she had been before. This time she is more successful but with success comes failure. She can’t keep up with the others and after three and a half months’ time her luck is running out.
This time Julia is wiser and finds her luck with a small Dutch grill bar. She gets a job and works very hard in a kitchen what is unpractical but she manages to keep the job till the end of the season.
During her period till the end of the season the family loses grandmother who dies in the presence of her remaining daughter and grandchild and brother. Evelyn, her aunty from England and uncle are there when she dies in peace.
Evelyn starts a search party to find Julia so she can bring the sad news over to her. After the death of grandmother they learned that she was a wealthy woman and that both sister inherit a nice amount of money what would change their life.
She finds Julia in Mallorca and brings the sad news over. Julia bursts in tears. She hears her sister is a mother and is happy for her and her new life. After the long season in Mallorca she travels back on Christmas Eve and looks for work in Amsterdam. Through an agency she finds a job with a McDonalds and works for 9 months for the American fast-food company.
Three months before the end of the year and Millennium she receives her share of the heritage and she starts to plan her trip to Australia. After years of dreaming she finally can plan her dream and sees it coming through when she waits for a train that will bring her to the airport where she can board a plane that will bring her to the land of her dream.

Fiction & Literature
19 November
Hugo Vaes
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