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Sharing Jamie’s World is the valiant story of the fifteen-year life of a cystic fibrosis victim, Jamie Thompson, told by his father. It is also the story of how his illness and his fight against it drew his whole family together in their ardent desire to help him in his courageous battle against this affliction. The remarkable patience of his parents and brother is fortified by their enduring faith in God and close friends.

One admirable aspect of the story of the Thompsons is their completely unselfish attitude toward other cystic fibrosis victims. Jamie’s father not only tried to cheer them up but, on occasion, brought them home with him and sometimes served as a much-needed taxi for them when their families were unable to drive them.

Jamie himself was an outgoing boy with an extraordinary knack for making friends and keeping them. He tried to participate in school activities and sports as often as the increasingly debilitating disease would allow him to.

In his introduction to a book that must have saddened him as he writes, Mr. Thompson gives his reasons for writing this account of Jamie’s life and death.

“A communication must be formed and developed between physicians, parents, the cystic fibrosis child and God, this being done to help the child fight this malignant-type illness.

“This writing will let you know how our son and brother, Jamie, fought, how he taught many other patients, helped and encouraged them, with his bright outlook on life, how the life of a cystic fibrosis child, as well as the family and those involved in the fight to eliminate or control this dreaded disease, must be. We know that without God and our faith, our lives would have lost meaning and purpose.

“I love Jamie today, as much as when he were still here, and my wife and son Joe feel likewise. In my mind the knowledge that Jamie is gone from this earth is not unbearable, but there is an empty feeling that can never be replaced.”

Everyone who has or knows a child (or adult) with a fatal disease should read this amazing account of Jamie’s life; it will serve as an inspiration to all those who follow Jamie’s struggle during his brief lifetime to enjoy what little he could, with the help given him by his family and his numerous friends.

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12 May
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