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Everyone has a life story. No matter what your journey looks like, your Christian faith walk is the centerpiece, which is why I wrote Sharing Your Faith Journey. Developing your personal faith testimony is a unique concept with multiple applications.

It can be a personal guided journaling tool or in a small group or Bible study can be the basis for giving a verbal personal testimony. Writing a devotional, blog, short story, family legacy, or personal memoir are other formats the guidebook can help cultivate.

The workbook will be your coach and accountability partner taking you through each step. You’ll write a rough draft then revise, edit, and distill your thoughts. You’ll critique your work to make sure your message speaks in your own distinctive voice.

We’re living in a time when our Christian faith needs to be boldly proclaimed, and we need to be prepared with a well-thought-out and confident testimony. That’s the primary theme of the workbook—to allow you to collect your thoughts, memories, and experiences into a cohesive project that will have a lasting effect on your life and those in your sphere of influence. 

You never know when God will ask you to engage someone and share your spiritual journey. Being prepared with your Christian faith walk story will impact those you meet intentionally or unexpectedly in your daily life.

In Sharing Your Faith Journey, you’ll be recalling the most important and meaningful events in your Christian faith walk with the ultimate goal of seeing God’s Hand—his Fingerprints if you will, on your life.

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5 February
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
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