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"I am rating this nothing lower than 100 PLUS STARS & WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! This is on my TOP 2019 MUST READ easily, a book I can't wait to re-read" - The Guide To Romance Novels

"I was on the edge of my seat. J. Kenner is an exceptional storyteller. The drama, tension, and heat were perfect." - About That Story

"I couldn't decide what to do with my hand, turn the page, fan myself, or bite my nails." — iScream Books Blog

"Exciting & sexy & heartbreaking romantic suspense! Run to your nearest amazon for your own hot British agent - this one is MINE!" -BJ's Book Blog


The only price she won’t pay is her heart.

Quincy Radcliffe has fast become a key asset at the newly formed Stark Security. A former British agent with lethal skills and criminal connections, it’s a no-brainer for him to rise through the ranks.

But Quincy isn’t the man he appears to be. And one woman could expose all his secrets.

Once, he worshipped Eliza Tucker. He adored her body and then broke her heart. But now she needs help, and he’s the only man that can do it. Quincy knows he must either turn his back on her or risk revealing his dark past to the one woman who can—and will—tear open his old wounds.

For years, Eliza has tried to forget the man who shattered her. His smoldering good looks had drawn her in; his British charm had enchanted her. But it was the wildness of his seduction and the ferocity of his passion that captured her. She’d given herself to him—and he’d destroyed her.

Now, he’s the only person who can help find her missing sister.

She’ll use him because she has to. She’ll pay anything he demands, whether in the bank or the bedroom.

She won’t fall for him again. But what if it isn’t her choice to make?

Charismatic. Dangerous. Sexy as hell.

Meet the elite team at Stark Security.

Stark Security series:

Shattered With You

Shadows Of You

Broken With You

Ruined With You

Wrecked With You

Destroyed With You

Memories of You (novella)

Ravaged With You

26 March
Martini & Olive
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Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Wow !!!!

What a fantastic way to start a new series, if Shattered With You is anything to go by Stark Secuurty is going to be one hot successful series. A spin off in the Stark World with new characters to fall in love with and as always a plot that will captivate you with lots of twists and turns along the way.
Quincy a swoon worthy British guy with his own share of secrets, a tortured soul who hides his past well is now working for Stark Security and the last person he expects to see when posing undercover is Eliza the girl he walked away from a few years ago. Eliza is also pretending to be someone else, she is at the event in the hope of finding her sister and Quincy and his team may be her only hope......
This book had me on the edge of my seat as I got lost in Quincy and Eliza’s story, it’s a book full of intrigue, it has twists and turns and it’s a true love story that will take you on a journey as two people actually find themselves whilst looking for others.
Brilliant start to what certainly looks like another Stark World hit

RA in SA ,

Steroetyped, obvious, and at best, ordinary.

Obviously some readers have like this - butI thought it was just predictably trite and obvious. the standard of plot and writing, that of a romantic highschool student.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Off to a flying start with this new series

Having read other books in the Stark world by J Kenner I jumped at the chance to read and review Shattered With You, which is the first book in her new series, Stark Security. This is Quincy Radcliffe and Eliza Tucker’s story and is a second chance at love story.
At times the subject matter was not for the faint of heart and for some there may well be triggers.

I really loved the characters of Quincy and Eliza; both been through so much unbearable pain and suffering and yet they have come through it, not unscathed but they survived.

It was also great to see some familiar characters throughput the story and I was really cheering for Quincy and Eliza to re connect and get the happily ever after that they both so richly deserved.

Eliza and her sister Emma have been through so much and I admired their strength and courage to overcome some a horrendous path and forge a future. To me Quincy and Eliza are two halves of a whole and are so well d=suited for one another that you cannot help but hope they can see it too.

As things spice up and danger rears it’s head, neither of them can deny the sizzling chemistry that remains between them. Well written this was a fast paced suspenseful and sizzling story that had me engaged from start to the finish.

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